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Jedi: Fallen Order Designer Explains Metroid-Inspired Exploration

Lead level designer Jeff Magers joins GI to explain Respawn’s approach to traversal and exploration in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and how the pillars of Metroid are a natural fit for the universe.

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  1. This sounds absolutely amazing. Glad they did this. That video showed some but not all of these goodies. Love Souls and the new God of War and Metroidvanias so this is a no brainer for me. Plus Star Wars duh

  2. I’ve never played a Metroid game (I’ve seen some gameplay though), but this sounds like the new God Of War which I ADORE! Safe to say I’ll be looking into saving up for this.

  3. Excited for this! I hope it reviews well and sells well so we can get more games like this instead of boring shooters and online games like battle royal.

  4. If nothing else, Jedi: Fallen Order is going to feel amazing. Respawn doesn’t know how to create a game that feels bad or uncomfortable. Everything is tight, responsive, and smooth. From Titanfall to Apex Legends. I don’t think it’s in Respawn’s DNA to stray away from that trait of their game development.

  5. Doesn't anybody wish we could get like a Witcher 3 Skyrim like star wars ganer, opened world RPG create your own character and either do the main quest or just play like a rogue or how you want to play

  6. I wasnt that excited when the reveal trailer dropped, i also wasnt that hyped when Cals mission trailer dropped. But i went back to watch the gameplay and trailers and was watching some videos about the story and details, and now im super excited. This is my most anticipated game this year. Cant wait anymore

  7. This looked so good at first, but then its just another disappointing battlefront 2 campaign. No one wants to be a jedi in the original triology! Let us be one of the good guys, and stop the terrorists from ruining the galaxy!

  8. My only issue with this is the lack of actual interactivity. For example you see a fan its spinning super fast oh I'll use force slow so I can get through it. Oh look another spinning fan i can use as a bridge I'll push a button to use force slow again. What's the purpose of this, the outcome is the same each time fast object push button that counters it.
    This also extends to traversal, he gave the example of all these different types of obstacles but climbing a wall looks extremely boring and tedious and will equate to push analog stick in direction you want to go.
    To his credit he did say about using the force during some of this traversal that could be interesting.

  9. All this information coming out especially with the 2-3 hours of gameplay that the media was able to experience has me super excited for this game. I love Titanfall and Apex and I can't wait to play a great single player Star Wars game. I hope this ranks among KOTOR.

  10. this game will be bad unfortunately due to lazy developers rushing it out instead of adding in the cities and dialog portions of the game. Making it a shitty star wars themed dark souls or LOTR game rather than a elderscrolls/fallout/dragon age type game.

  11. The level design of Jedi Fallen Order is some of the best I have seen and they use so much more than what is described here. They really understand how to get the player to keep moving in the right direction. This video was part of my research about that very subject for the video on my channel

  12. Metroid Prime is my favorite game of all time.
    The fact that I now have a game that is in that genre from STAR WARS, my second favorite franchise after Metroid, is a dream come true!
    Part 2 please!

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