Halo Infinite – "Discover Hope" Cinematic Trailer | E3 2019

The Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite – the next chapter of the legendary franchise launching holiday 2020 with Project Scarlett.

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  1. Honestly I still wish they kept chief’s original line of “we need to fight” rather than “ I need a Elon” I just feel like it fits a lot more and is also more dramatic as well as hypes you up more

  2. 1:181:46 Hit me so hard. Had to go on the road for a couple of months for work. I hadn't been away from my family ever. When I left it was the hardest thing I had to do, being in this situation where you miss your family and they are so far away really hurts,. I was away for work, I can't imagine how soldiers feel in this situation it has to be 1000x worse. You know you're away and for a good reason, but you hate every second you are and can't wait to go back home to your wife and kids. I understand this mans pain and if any of you have ever had to be away from those you love, it really hits so different.

  3. I just bought it today at Costco for 39.99$ it is on sale. I haven’t played my Xbox one in a year and when I did it was 90% GTA online. I my girlfriend bought me a new Xbox controller because mine is busted so that was another reason I didn’t play. Went to Costco seen the game on sale and brought back so many memories from the first games. Got a new controller got a new game time to game again 🎮

  4. Coming back to this after going through the campaign just breaks my heart
    This guy (Echo-216, real name Fernando Esparza) is till date the most humane character in the Halo series; mainly because he is not a soldier, but only a civil engineer who fled to save himself during the attack on Infinity.
    Since watching the trailer, I hoped for him not to be killed in the campaign, and hopefully getting to see his family.
    While he survives through the end, it is revealed that his wife and kid died long ago, which is the main tragedy here.

  5. In my opinion they failed on infinite big time and not just multiplayer ive played halo since day 1 and just feels like halo 4/5 the only thing good 343 have done is the ending of halo 4!

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