Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Full Presentation (with Dog) | Ubisoft E3 2019

Jon Bernthal takes the stage talk about his character Cole Walker, the Ghost Recon Breakpoint villain.

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  1. Well the game looks awesome at first look, but it wouldn´t be UBI if they wouldn´t screw up something right. I mean, Idk what to say… Every year you bring us amazing ideas, but then you kill it with what you call "Innovations". U frickin serious ? Lootbox system, tier enemies, no frickin AI bots ??? Wasn´t GR series supposed to be realistical ? Instead of that you are trying to make some hybrid between Division, Far Cry and R6S every year. IF i would want to buy Division, I would BUY Division. So stop making GR look like something else and MAKE it look like GR.

  2. If only we could play as the villain, tired of games making great villains and only to have us kill them, I wish we could play as the wolves. Seem way more interesting to play than the boring ghosts.

  3. Say what you want about Ubisoft but the ghost recon team has worked their butts off and actually implement positive changes based on fan feedback. Wildlands was an impressive game. For someone like me who enjoys a bunch of cool content like predator and the other crossover missions as well as the huge amount of missions in the campaign, tons of guns, character editor(which after fan feedback got better)I was hooked. Bringing back ai team mates as well as “the punisher” as the main villain and now terminator! I haven’t pre ordered a game since the aliens one that got shit on hard. But I just pre ordered this game. God help me, I hope I can trust again.

  4. Did anyone watch till the very end seeing the Terminator theme music and red eyes ?! I’m so excited to get Breakpoint on the 4th of October honestly I’m hyped and with John Bernthal in it oh hell yes I’m in love with a perfect game with the perfect guy to play the villain sexy and vicious rough 😍😱🤯

  5. Why would you be applauding the second delta company gets announced when you don't know anything about it? That's like going to a movie studio and saying you have an idea for a movie and expecting a standing ovation. Looks like there are some plants in the audience

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