FULL Square Enix E3 2019 Press Conference

From Final Fantasy VII remake to the new Avengers game, you won’t want to miss what’s in this press conference presentation. Tune in to see all the biggest reveals, gameplay, trailers, demos and more from Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference.

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  1. Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy

  2. Wow the chat in this one was rough. Lots of edgy Marvel fanboys that clearly aren't familiar with Square and their core audience.

  3. Only the HULK looks like the HULK. The rest look like stunt doubles. I guess the real actors are NOT obligated to give the likeness to the game because it would be VERY expensive. Anyways, it looks pretty awesome.

  4. the new Avengers game? No thanks. don't really get all the hype around any thing Marvel, to each their own i guess i'm more hyped for the Final Fantasy Releases… but god i wish they would release single player version of "Final Fantasy online" game even if you had to pay megabucks for the Expansions as DLC.

    as one of few who don't like and don't support games based around subscription services where you;
    1) – lose everything you worked for when your account / subscription expires.
    2) – your forced buy ever more expansions just keep up in the game or to even play said game in some cases………….
    3) – have spend a load of money for extra loot boxes just to stand a chance AKA pay to Win, Most MMO's now fall into this Category unfortunately, it subtracts from game play experience.
    4) – require you to actually pay a third party fee to even play the complete game. i know most Xbox (*all console Versions) games now require (Yes i do Mean actually Require an Xbox live Subscripton) to even play, even if you just player local network / MP Rarely with no server provider. do you pay my Broadband Band? No. Do i use your cloud services No.

    if your a player of Fornite, Modern Warfare, Spec Ops, elder scrolls or any other game in which falls under one or more of four above. Sorry but i hope these sort of games either die out or are regulated in to oblivion at every opportunity. they're exploitation of Minors and need stamping out.

    im all for supporting Developers and Producers but the game industry is going the wrong way.
    in the long run a lot of people are being left out because they can't afford to pay the monthly subscriptions on top of what would be a £40~ £60 base game cost

  5. FF8 THE BEST FINAL FANTASY GAME EVER, More Summon, More Combo, More Drama, More Item, More Character Gameplay, More Skill, Every Character Can Summon, More Secret and much more

  6. Basically: Final fantasy final fantasy final fantasy final fantasy and shitty avengers on the end

    And people says that this is the best E3

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