Final Fantasy VII Remake – Gameplay Reveal Demo | Square Enix E3 2019

Watch the full gameplay reveal for Final Fantasy VII here.Tune in to see all the biggest reveals, gameplay, trailers, demos and more from Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference.

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  1. The combat looks fucking amazing though there is a part of me that secretly wishes for a turn based mode as well but not having one wouldn't ruin the game for me

  2. I can't wait to see Jenova and Sephorath's battle. How would the free roam work with characters who are Eldrich beings who incorporate the environment into their true forms?

  3. Looks amazing but that boss fight looks like a grind. Barely any damage. Battle lasted way too long. Perhaps it’s cause they don’t have the right materia but still for the first fight give us some sense of power.

  4. Seems like a mix of FFXV's combat and a traditional turn-based JRPG to make an ARPG mixed with pausable real-time combat. Like a Cyberpunk JRPG version of Dragon Age.
    As someone who loved FFXV but isn't into oldschool FF games or really even a fan of the franchise (though I'm a diehard DQ fan and a fan of other JRPGs), this sounds like something I could see myself playing and getting addicted to in the same way I got hooked on FFXV. Hopefully it'll let me learn why everyone loves the characters and stories (outside of seeing them in KH1 and 2) while at the same time enjoying the gameplay. I'm excited both for myself, and for the FF fans who have wanted this for years.

  5. Come on guys let's be honest you all say the same shit … The action looks good.. Lets be honest this game is going to turn into complete shit and you all feel it in the back of your minds something about this is going to be terrible. Broken promises and complete horse shit. Has come from square enix Tetsuyo nomura should be working on these games. No one else.

  6. I have yet to look more forward to the release of a game in my life more than i do this remake. so many years of waiting and it's finally happening, and looking completely amazing at the same time with every little pinch of content they tease us with.

  7. Warp Strike,Warp Strike,Warp strike…..Binding skills already speak volumes about how much of them you will have,in original FF7 you had 5 times more magic than you can bind on gamepad.
    New games are like new generation,all about looks and nothing about depth.

  8. Do we know if enemies respawn in this game or is it like XIII where there's only a certain amount of enemies in an area and that's it?

  9. I was worried they would make it live action and totally take away the turn based combat…. whyyyyyyyy they have to change what made the game great dude literally just remake the game with modern graphics and some awesome new gear/items/content and we would all be happy as fuck.

  10. disgusting gameplay, doesn't belong with ff7, just give me the improved graphics and gtfo plox, we don't need to revent the wheel here.

  11. Cloud : Carry a Inhuman Size Heavy Sword and Swinging The Buster Sword Free Styling Around Like a Light Feather…

    Also Cloud : Struggle Lifting Average Size Boulder

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