Fallout 76 Full Presentation and Battle Royale Reveal | Bethesda E3 2019

Tune in to see all the biggest reveals, gameplay, trailers, demos and more from Bethesda’s E3 2019 press conferences.

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  1. What about the quality of good plausible lore? Need feedback? For the Battle Royale Mode and in the bigger picture, need to figure out a way to take over the computer of vault 51. Think about it, (in context of role playing as the player character) does it really make sense to do what a computer tells you to do? Could this bizarre computer of vault 51 become some type of a “special institute” in the future if it is allowed to continue developing its AI, or possibly seduce some humans in acting like they are superior to the surface dwellers? The overall situation of Vault 51 with a talking computer is like being dominated by computers, robots, and controlled environments. LOL Can we as survivors take over the AI of Vault 51? Can we as survivors go beyond the boundaries? Can we (as characters / players) seek a way to escape the controls of the environment and the constant surveillance of the talkative and constantly observing computer antagonist in Vault 51?

  2. PLS do something for the game…start a maintance for 20 hours for no reason you dont know how to make a game you were just lucky with skyrim everthing else is just a bug with a little game i am so sad that i have fallout 76 i dont know why should someone buy this shit …you are trying to play but you cant you trying to aim but you cant everthing lags everywhere i am so sad pls delete the game give back our money and make something else

  3. I think at this point it’s just “cool” to hate on fallout 76. Sure they made bad decisions and the game was released broken, but they’ve updated the game and I find it to be really fun and love that I can experience fallout with my friends. Once they have human npcs and new gear it’ll be even better. I wish people would get over the fact that a long time ago, the game was released broken and buggy. They fixed the damn game for the most part, get over yourselves.

  4. i see a bunch of people but y’all probably haven’t even played the game recently. it actually has gotten a lot better and is an enjoyable game now in my opinion

  5. Please everyone stop bitching about this game I know this stuff should have been in the game at launch the devs are trying and have improved the game a lot trust me I know considering I’ve played since the beta my point is people shouldn’t hate when they are working on making the game better

  6. Do these developers have some kind of delusional fairy tale about this game literally no one said anything about liking anything about this game no update for this game is good no legendary item in this game is worth a shit so who said these things because I haven't heard one positive thing about this game in since the beta for the actual game when people had actual hope still that you would of fixed this game before launch

  7. God these are the people that are ruining Fallout. Their support is fueling the fire for this over monetized bullshit that will encourage Bethesda to keep continuing butchering the Fallout (and possibly the Elder Scrolls) Franchise.

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