Dying Light 2: Infection And Exploration Evolved | E3 2019

Dying Light 2 has expanded on the open world, post apocalyptic zombie formula that made Dying Light such a success and Techland is here to share new details about how the next game in the franchise is evolving at E3 2019.

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  1. please don't let this fail to proceed because of the money… this is my dream game when dying light ever came out. i always want it so so so much it's a amazing game and its gonna make good process

  2. I'm glad they learned their lesson from the first one. The gameplay from Dying Light was solid but it was sorely lacking in story and character development. Getting people who worked on The Witcher 3's story to write for Dying Light 2 gives me a lot of hope for its future.

  3. Dying light 1 was great until they released that free update for the harder mode. I got two bugs from that and had to stop playing the game. I'm waiting before buying this one. Burn me once ok. Burn me again then that's on me.

  4. Something I have not seen talked too much about is that Techland did something really fucking amazing with adding humans in the daytime instead of zombies. If they had just zombies roaming around during the day it would have provided a gameplay experience too similar to the first game, so I’m very happy they are adding something new like this but not erasing the old core gameplay of “zombies bro!” Because come on… everyone likes zombies.

  5. Really hope the night time is terrifying with many volitiles and virals, I really don’t want them to nerf night time to the point where it’s no longer scary

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