DOOM Eternal Full Showcase Presentation | Bethesda E3 2019

Bethesda brings Doom Eternal to E3 with a huge gameplay showcase, details on a new multiplayer mode and more.

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  1. So I want a judgment call from doom veterans: does the doom: eternal style look a little too colorful to you? When I played Doom (2016) (my first) I liked how realistic it all looked, with the HUD looking the way it did and how it all kind of blended with the feel of the UAC visual style, all while still being over the top in its gameplay. Now doom: eternal looks more like a video game with its greens and blues, detaching itself a bit from the UAC style, whereas the previous one I felt a little more immersed and got into all the ripping and tearing more. is this a return to form with previous installments and I "just don't get it" or do my concerns hold water?

  2. I don’t like the cartoonyness to some aspects like floating weapons (even if it’s like the older games). I also don’t like all the bright colors on the hud. Doom slayer grunting is weird ngl.

  3. oh god the UI contrast for the E3 2019 version was too fuckin bright, good thing they changed the contrast but also keeping it colorful

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