Destroy All Humans Remake – 15 Minutes Of Cinematics And Extended Gameplay Demo | E3 2019

Destroy All Humans has been remade to impress. Check out over 15 minutes of cutscenes and gameplay in this demo from E3 2019!

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  1. I’m playing the originals now and one the things that annoy me the most is the fact you can only land the UFO in certain areas

  2. oh………………………………GOD!!!!!! Oh how I hoped and wished for this game to be remastered for the PC! OH man i loved this game when it came out! I was jumping out of my seat when I saw the teaser trailer! Funny because i was on steam and i just decided to type "destro………(auto suggestion) Destroy all humans!" popped up! At first i said: "Alright a port for the PC but i notice the graphical overhaul and my eyes fell out of their sockets due to the pressure of my excitement! (sighs) As soon as this game is up for purchase I'm hammering my mouse button to buy it!

  3. Lol I wonder if they’ll keep the cheats from the original game ? they also changed the iconic head ripping noise when u would explode their head ?

  4. One thing I hope for with the full release of the game is that the audio is decompressed as much as possible, the audio quality for dialogue is still the same as it was back in the day. A relatively minor thing, but still another degree of polish I'd love to see this game get.

  5. Some of the voice dialogue still sounds a little crackly and low-fi, like it did in the original PS2 version, but I think that works for this game's 50's aesthetic. I wonder if they'll add a film grain slider in the options menu to make it even more 50's. That would be neat

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