Cyberpunk 2077 — Official Cinematic Trailer | E3 2019

Mark your calendars — Cyberpunk 2077, the open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC April 16th, 2020.

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  1. Watching this now makes me realize what I really want is a high budget cyberpunk movie/show. Tho 1.5 did make this game kinda nice

  2. Well…If this was what happened at this moment in the game, i'd love it. But the scene is just the same but the big guy just slaps you once and put you in the floor right before Dex headshots you (And you miraculously survive just not to finish the story too early)

  3. if someone was still human with no upgrades then they would have been more powerful cause as you can see people can hack other people in this game

  4. Imagine if this was actually part of the game this scene where V actually fights them until they eventually shoot V in the head

  5. One, Huge Jackie spoiler
    Two, V sounds so different here eww
    Three, T bug is against v in this trailer for some reason instead of getting killed by arasaka net runners
    Four, the game doesn’t even let you have mantis blades until you’re a high level w high street cred
    Five, silverhand doesn’t even say the line from the trailer anywhere in the game

  6. awesome world. Awesome game. real. True next gen experience. For me the most believable NPCs, both random and story npcs. Casts a spell. Incredibly dense game world full of details and dynamics. Fascinating how the cities extend on several levels. I can only recommend everyone to find out about districts, gangs and the most important people. It increases the fun immensely if you can immerse yourself in this world with sense and reason. Always embrace the additional conversational options, they make the difference between dashing from point A to point B quickly or building a real connection to the story. It took me a while to find my way around, initially overloaded and confusing. Now I enjoy the fights too. Katana and shotguns for me ! really stylish and powerful weapons that make you happy and are manstoppers. Otherwise opponents are often Bullet Sponges, but not with these weapons. These details , that e.g. cyberware still creates short circuits on opponents after they die , an incredible number of details . I can recommend everyone to start the game again with the latest patches and this time to go through the world slowly and in amazement with sense and reason

  7. A cinematic nice graphics game with next-gen be like: glitches, bug, can noclip, cant die by train, only by falling down. Even GTA 3 and Lego Game like GTA demolished Cyberpunk 2077

  8. Waited until the game was in a good state. My first playthrough… that it's patch 1.52 I haven't seen a single issue. Not one. And it's amazing.


    If only V didn't go back to that motel and went straight to Evelyn as she asked him to forget Dex when it came to splitting the money. It would probably cause Evelyn to avoid being abducted by Scavengers and she would live. There was a potential for totally different two main story paths. One with V getting shot and coexisting with Johnny and other one…maybe with meeting Johnny in other form and living full, long life. I played Cyberpunk a few times already and now I think that getting back into that motel is simply a terrible mistake, but the game doesn't really let you choose despite suggestion of another path by Evelyn.

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