Blair Witch – Official Reveal Trailer | E3 2019

Blair Witch is a first-person, story-driven psychological horror game based on the cinematic lore of Blair Witch.

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  1. This is actually one of the scariest games ive played, loved outlast 2, re7, and any other horror game i could get my hands on, and this is probably on the top of the list, maybe even ahead of outlast 2 tho thats a close one, great sound design, atmosphere, constant feeling of dread, and really mind fucks and tortures the player in the 2nd half of the game until the end. My reccomendation, lights off, sound all the way up, maybe a couple shots of whiskey and play this to the end its worth it.

  2. this trailer does not do the game justice, the game is so much scarier in the parts where you are just alone in the pitch black forest with only a camera torch and bullet. The trailer makes the game look brighter than the game actually is.

  3. This poor guy can't control his issues

    Example:seeing trees with red backrounds demons made out of sparks and most of all sherrifs that don't exist

    Poor man


  4. That was amazing game. Long time haven't experienced such vibes. This is most original, visual cinematic, great mechanic game. Plot is really filled up, just ending a little bit too fast. 10/10 anyway.

  5. would've been cooler if they chilled on the whole "random apparition jumpscare thing" that has nothing to do with blair witch and focused more on the movie side

  6. So, I was hoping to come to the comments to see what people were saying about the game to see if it’s good…. but of course 12 year olds can’t talk legitimately about a video. It’s always gotta be some “joke” if you wanna call those that

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