Baldur’s Gate 3 Wants To Be The Ultimate DnD Game

Larian Studios’ Swen Vincke and Dungeons & Dragons’ Mike Mearls explain how Baldur’s Gate III will react to all the shenanigans you get up to in the upcoming RPG.

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  1. Please make it dm and you’re able to customize the world and create your own quests and dungeons Never winter nights was amazing I grew up on that game

  2. Do NOT please, do NOT do any stupid 3D graphics! We want old school style isometric 2D view. With god damn pixels! Focus on story, characters, romances, underground, dragons! xD NOT graphics with rotated camera on any point, NOT super cool 3D view for 8GB graphics monsters. Just copy BG2 and it will be fine! Ed. Get to the roots of classic, epic BG most awesome RPG of the Universe, then you'll succed.

  3. Do stupid 3D models and 3D terrain by copy-paste models = you will burn in hell! I wanna see beautifull 2D isometric, hand-painted, eyes-blowing terrain, where for whole game I cannot find same object in 2 locations! You got it?

  4. question though, is it gonna be pause and play or is it gonna be turn based?
    seeing as larions prior 2 success games were turn based i'd assume they would try for that approach and also because D&D is very much so turnbased.
    and then you have dice rolls, how will this manifest in a game? will they have actual dice rolls or percentages?

  5. I love it how you can literally see that they are fans of Baldur's gate and care about it they wanna make the best game they possibly can I'm unbelievably hyped and have faith in larian studios

  6. Great. Now I have to play BG 1 and 2 again. Which is kind of a 'bad' thing since that type of graphics hurt my eyes for some reason.

    Not the fact that its ancient graphics. Type. Okami which is considered "good" graphics compared to a lot of games also hurt my eyes. I don't get it either.

    Hopefully BG 3 won't blind me. All in all, I am looking forward to another blinding run of BG.

  7. please don't be linear. please don't be completist. i want to be forced to play this game 10 times to get the full experience. when i DM.. i design 10 times more than what my players find… it's the only way for them to feel immersed. PLEASE don't be lazy.

  8. Meh, to bad they ripped the soul of Baldur's Gate from the game. And just made some shitty Divinity Original Sin mod. Game feels nothing like what Baldur's Gate is and was. I had high hopes for them doing something amazing with this title. But, I was not surprised when I seen what I knew what they were going to do. Turned Baldur's Gate into Divinity. Pillars of Eternity is the only thing that 'kinda' feels anything like what Baldru's gate would be.

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