Baldur's Gate 3 E3 Trailer Breakdown & Easter Eggs With Larian Founder

Larian Founder Swen Vincke breaks down all the hidden Easter eggs that you might have missed from the Uncut E3 Baldur’s Gate 3 Trailer.

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  1. I saw the Nautiloid in the sky. Maybe it's foreshadowing for some Spelljammer content in 5e. I don't see the concept of spelljammers and crystal spheres to be too far out of line with current canon.

  2. Hello, when I think about new BG3, two thing came to my mind. 1. Combat – should it be real time with pause like in BG1 and BG2 ? If someone asked mi that question in past, I would respond… Hell yeah are you drunk. Currently I'm not that sure , Original sin turn combat was so perfect and I thinking , maybe new BG3 should have very similar turn based combat system like original sin. 2. Second thing that came to my mind, is much smaller detail, but it would be good to have. In each BG game after prologue , you have sequence, were you see main boss of game fighting to show some portion his power. I like this a lot, in BG1,when you just created your first character and then you see this battle with unkown warrior (Sarevok), that takes so much damage from Gorion and goes forward like nothing 🙂 . In Bg2 it is even better, when Irenicus is defeting those powerfull wizards, like it was nothing. Hope we get some cool sequence in BG3 were mian boss just crashes some powerfull character/monsters, like it was nothing.

  3. Honestly thought that knight would turn out butt ugly. Nope! Just a highly sophisticated Cathulu levitating upwards. Talk about mind fucked.

  4. Fun fact about mine flares the banishment spell is there Bane you hit a Elder brain with that 4th level spell and concentrate for the duration well you're fleeing for your life and that whole colony will be having a bad day and ironically somewhere in the astral sea someone else is having a very good day.

  5. Does anyone know what the symbol on the wall on the left side of the screen when the Knight appears is? It looks like a hand on a triangle drawn with chalk.

  6. Had me crossing my fingers there would be a spelljammer crossover for half a sec, then he said "for navigating the Astral plane" Not that it isn't possible for them to do that to.

  7. Making the transformation process instant? No thanks. Can only guess what other parts of D&D has been trashed by these guys. Yet another IP going to be ruined by modern game makers.

  8. So it's not tying in into the bhaalspawn's story? Why is it called baldur's gate then. Sorry that sounds like fishing with a big name. If you make an installment to a series, add to its story don't randomly make your own separately.

  9. It will be sad to see a new story in a way! Knowing your character finishes TOB! Ruling as the new lord of murder or starting a new life! Could have been a good start off point… im still in love with the child of bhaal character and storyline! From humble beginnings to saving the sword coast from war! To discovering you're the spawn of bhaal fighting for your soul! absolutely made this game what it is! Regardless of what good larian studios has done! They absolutely have their work cut out for them! Best of luck to them and i cannot wait for this new adventure!…


  10. So basically someone at gamespot read the wikia page for mind flayers and decided they knew enough to make a video about the trailer???
    I mean come on either the people at gamespot gave Swen a shoddy script, or he has been rolling one too many gully dwarves as of late and is going senile.

  11. what's those giant illithid worms called? and how are they made, I forgot. it's like when one of their larvae can't find a host or something

  12. Am I the only one that thinks 5e is watered down for casuals? It was a huge turn off feeling like it was all dumbed down, and if BG3 is going with 5e then I'm disappointed.

  13. Mind Flayers, huh?

    "A den of STINKING evil. Cover your nose, Boo! We will leave NO CREVICE UNTOUCHED!" – weird giant space hamster in miniature noises –

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