Apex Legends – Season 2: Official Battle Charge Gameplay Trailer

Kings Canyon looks a bit different these days. Control the battle as Wattson, a Legend who uses electric fences and pylons to protect her team. Prove you’re the best in a brand-new Ranked Leagues mode. Grab the heavy-hitting L-STAR machine gun, dive into an improved Battle Pass, and more –…

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  1. people always forgot how shit fortnite was when it first came out but what happened after season 2….everyone started playing. i can see this happening with apex for sure this new season looks sick

  2. I swear to god if fortnite goona copy Apex on fortnites season 10 if their next 100 carnet skin is goona look same as Wattso and the goona ad in sky emots Im goona scream with anger.

  3. I wish they make all the heroes free and just do the micro transaction in skins and passes only it makes hard fr a new player to enjoy the game content and I am not tht rich to spend credit on every new hero u release

  4. I always tried killing flyers for some reason in titanfall 2, can i still do that pls respawn? Idk why but it’s prtty satisfying wasting ammo on environmental sprites.

  5. So…who going buy wattson?
    My thoughts: she can place fence to door to hide from enemies or enemies may come.
    she really must be good.

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