(Almost) Every Easter Egg in Trover Saves the Universe

(Presented by PlayStation VR) GameSpot’s Justin Roiland mega fan, Buddy Hutton, breaks down Trover Saves the Universe along with all its references to Rick and Morty and beyond!

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  1. @7:55 don’t worry, if you collect all the green power babies the reward at the end is that your controller vibrates and Trover tells you to put it on your crotch and enjoy 😂 not much

  2. I know it's a paid promotion vid but man stop trying to ram that psvr down my throat like unwelcome man meat. I have it and its great but try telling me about Easter eggs instead of how I should go buy psvr. Fuck is this world

  3. i currentyl (at the creation of this post) am slightly drunk in Gin tonic my new found favoriut alcoholic baverage ,if you mastered the 4th dimension you can visit me here, and the dude in frint of the scrren loockx CGI so how about that

  4. Thanks. FYI, I managed to collect all of the Power Babies (the 2nd time that I played the game from Start to Finish just to re-listen to the audio humour). The hardest baby to find is the one that Doppy Dooper gives to you at the very end of the level if you do everything he asks.

  5. This dude just wasted my time explaining the game for half the video, not what I came here for. 10/10 video is a waste of time

  6. This video is what’s wrong with YouTube, you click to see something (Easter eggs) and someone just holds you by dancing around nothing, just sad.

  7. I found the Easter Egg where after killing Bathtub Guy, Trover says “This is Crumbelivable. Like on THAT Commercial, remember that?” is referring to the Kraft Crumbles, the cheese nuggets that had the commercial at the mid 2000s and I remembered that when watching CN.

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