Super Mario Maker 2 Seems Like A Game You Can Play Forever

Between story, multiplayer, and course-building modes, Super Mario Maker 2 brings an absurd amount of content to Nintendo Switch.

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  1. The shaking method of changing entity properties could still work with a controller. Just use the motion sensor in the controllers and shake the controller to change the entity property.

  2. Nintendo: Super Mario Maker 2 is coming out at June 28, 2019!

    Me: June that’s so soon!

    Instantly buys a Nintendo Switch

    Watches the Clock until Game release

  3. Mario maker 2 idea. Make an enclosed field with lava with objective to die the least (if that's an option) then make it a timed fight which opens the way after 3 minutes. Include random item drops via the magikoopas and you have a super smash bros level.

  4. Super Mario Maker, the game for those who wants to experience how to make a level

    Super Mario Maker 2, the game for those who wants to experience what freedom on making levels feels like

    Super Mario Maker 3, the game for those who wants to be Nintendo programmers

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