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New Gameplay Today – Observation

Javy joins Cork and Leo to show off the opening segment of a promising piece of sci-fi horror from No Code and Devolver Digital.
Observation releases May 22 on PC and PS4.

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  1. I’m not convinced about you guys anymore. A lot of videos recently make me question how much you actually consume the media you review, critique, and report on. Especially with new entries into existing franchises.

  2. My main man Leo advocating for opening credit sequences. I was just discussing this recently and I so strongly agree. Because I can, I'm gonna now drop what I think, off the top of my head, are some 4-star opening credit sequences:

    "The Deer Hunter"
    Not exactly high octane, but compelling and beautiful.

    "Do the Right Thing"
    Talk about credits getting you pumped…

    I'm biased maybe because this is my res, but Jonathan Demme constructed such a gorgeous credit sequence overlayed with that Springsteen song which tears your guts out.

    "Gone With the Wind"
    Suck it. I shamelessly love this film, and the opening title crawl in ULTRA HUGE LETTERING is awe inspiring.

    "Dog Day Afternoon"
    A precursor to the same kind of magic Demme would cast 20 years later.

    "Raging Bull"
    Slow motion black-and-white perfection in tandem with hauntingly lovely music (as much of the film itself reveals to be).

    And I'll end by citing nearly every film Yasojiru Ozu ever shot. He made some of the greatest of all time, and never saw a burlap screen he didn't like enough to hang behind his opening credits.

    Indeed, Leo. This world can never have enough opening credits.

  3. What a smart guy guessed to make such subtitles? Srsly? is comfortable to read them? make them from left to right, from up to down.

  4. Alien isolations drew me in like no other game has in a very long time. Absolutely nailed the atmosphere. This is looking like a day 1 buy. Can't wait

  5. Me: "This game looks cool! I love Alien: Isolation, and I want to play this as well!"
    Also me: "Oh… It's only on epic launcher. Never mind, then."

  6. "great video! Was here for listening to you guys having a chat and not the game."
    – nobody

    no really! great way to bring out the atmosphere of the game…

  7. This is gameinformer their job is to give their opinion on the video games they show they aren’t a gameplay video company if you want no commentary the YouTube channel of a magazine centered on critiquing isn’t the right choice.

  8. please keep commentary sparse, when characters are not talking. preferably no commentary with pure gameplay.

  9. Is this a horror game? And why are they using most of the assets from ALIEN isolation? Is this going to be an alien game? Oh and the lip synch is awful as always -.-

  10. All I can say, this game looks SO FUCKING PROMISING! I loved the 1st one, I'm sure I'll love this one too 😀

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