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New Gameplay Today – Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Bertz joins Cork and Leo to discuss his time playing Ubisoft’s follow-up to Ghost Recon Wildlands, which boasts more than a few surprising changes.
Read Matt Bertz’s full preview here:…

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  1. The game looks very good in my opinion. However, I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of AI teammates. I would have loved a more upgraded and advanced AI compared of that with wildlands. I understand the concept of being alone to enhance the survival aspect, but it would have been cool to have some sort of AI teammates. Instead of being completely isolated by yourself

  2. this game need the destroyable houses from rainbow six siege and the KI from rainbow six rogue spear .. hard as fuck ! make it harder than this casual wildlands

  3. I can't believe the bad fucking press from polygon and those other media outlets are turning people off from a game that hasn't even been released yet just because it doesn't align with their political bullshit.

  4. Well, they give us a dlc for $59.99 and 3 day early access for $99.99 and some trinkets for $100+… Give us a break UBI everyone not made out of Money… How bout dropping the standard edition to $39.99 Stop being greedy and I still don't understand what good is a yearly pass.

  5. I just dont get excited over ghost recon anymore. Wild lands was exciting pre launch, then once I got to play it I realized its just another free roam sandbox shooter. I tried playing it as realistically as possible, on hardest difficulties. Its okay is all I got to say about it, its not ground breaking stuff we never seen before. Its just free roam ghost recon. Personally, I think the gore and blood detail is weak asf. I think the guns feel and sound like toys. I like to feel the power behind my gun. Hear the power behind my gun. This games just kinda boring. I think it would be alot better if they you know gritty it up a bit and make it feel more realistic. They shouldnt go full blown sandbox. They should build a good story around the game and go between free roam sandbox and the str8 narrow action packed story telling paths. Kinda like what metro exodus did. Im sorry to say but, this game doesnt look much better than wildlands they only added shit that couldve been in wildlands had they took their time and developed it with alittle more passion and less business

  6. So no ai friends when playing solo did I get that right? Bummer. Cause my friends didn’t like the last game. I however enjoyed it, and I liked having ai buddies with me.

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