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New Gameplay Today – Code Vein

Bandai Namco’s upcoming Code Vein was affectionately pitched to Leo as Dark Souls meets God Eater, and since he doesn’t know anything about any of those things, he brought in Dan Tack to chat with Imran Khan about the highs and lows of his time…

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  1. Wow this guy is a complete fucking idiot holy shit I’ve never seen someone so uneducated in a game that he’s reviewing in my life please for the sake of your fucking company stop hiring morons

  2. 10:33 If you saw the trailers you see the character got shot at the heart which which literally is a guaranteed death. So the slow walking makes sense because you were half dead so you body going to take a while to get it to work probably. So the slow walking makes sense because they almost died.

  3. 12:32 That jacket is his blood code or something. That's the hound where the sleeves become two dog heads and bite into the enemy, then there Orge which is a claw and you wear it like a one sided cape, than stringer which looks like scorpions tail and it looks like you got has a tail, then there's Ivy the attack is like a vine of thorns and it's a long range and you can use it as a shield I think when wear you it's like you have a set of wings.

  4. I feel like if they replace the roll with the Bloodborne sidestep/backstep it would make the combat more fluid. Less roll, more evade.

    I think what bugs me is that the weapons don't seem to have a wieght to them. they just kinda fling em.

  5. Jesus christ. Does the guy playing the game have alzheimers? how can you suck so bad at navigating a map? He was going to the same places over and over and over again. goodness… I don't know anything about this game, but trusting what this mouth breathing moron has to say sounds like the wrong decision.

  6. Please fix those door/chest/interact animations. They look really bad but the textures, character models, art style, and gameplay seem interesting. Hopefully Bandai Namco is seeing this

  7. Lol, why this guy didn't even google code vein or smth to know more. In 1 vid you have all answers answered. And i know more than him… just from watching 1 vid.
    Edit: ,,There is no revive" 11:41 Partner reveives him… Cool

  8. Is it possible to do a review without saying dark souls or god eater??? this guy destroyed the story and he called the story slow to start…sigh…

  9. A perfect time to release is this summer like June or July because there is nothing happening in those months gamewise(besides e3) and we don't have a clue what's going to release this fall besides Gears, another Cod, Star Wars:The fallen Order and Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

  10. I swear to fucking god the outro sounds like they are brainwashed. Are you actual people ?
    Also, might've been noticed already, but come on guys, isn't there one guy over there that actually wants to play a game and look into it, being it just the game's page on Namco's site, because damn that felt like a drag.

  11. Five minutes into this video and I'm already looking for coverage from someone, ANYone else. I can't stand this guy's take on video games, and I can stand reading the clickbaity headlines of the articles he posts. He doesn't care about games, he's simply using this job as a springboard into his self-professed desire to write about politics. Kotaku or Polygon would love this guy, I don't know why he isn't there already.. I don't care how many clicks he gets he is RUINING your brand as a midwestern gaming website with midwestern sensibilities.

  12. Imagine being this stupidly salty about ai partners in something like TLOU or the Tales series.
    A journalist that just went to a game demo event and still says "I don't know" when talking about characters, story, and gameplay wasn't paying any attention.

    Hey Game Informer, Find a journalist that likes Japanese RPGs, not just Souls games, to preview this title. and understands what development stage the game being preview is currently in.

    All this Souls talk makes me glad I never played the series. From the way this guy talks it's as if those games stops him from appreciating lots of things. Repetitive? What a non-complaint for a video game.

  13. Playstation Access did a preview of this game last year before the delay and they knew loads of things that this reviewer claims to have not been told. I think you guys need a script or at least notes. A knowledgeable person talking casually is nice but it isn't nice to hear when a person sounds lost and confused by their own words.

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