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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Exclusive Coverage Trailer

Get ready for Game Informer’s month of exclusive features and gameplay showing off Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order on the Nintendo Switch. Learn even more about the game at

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  1. Making these games console exclusives is so dumb, but besides the new characters it doesn't look as good as the first. I mean, the second one was terrible. Nick Fury also became black somehow. Don't know if Marvel has any say in what is and isn't console exclusive, but any Marvel game shouldn't be console exclusive, simply for the fact it's less profitable.

  2. Oh fuck, day one purchase.

    Whoops, didn't know this was a Nintendo exclusive. Hopefully Marvel will come to their senses sometime down the line.

  3. oh god i just realized like…everyone is in this game without a worry of licenses and shit, this is what MvCI needed, this gives me a little hope for a possibility of Marvel vs Capcom 4 done right.

  4. If marvels first superhero team doesn’t make the roster I will be piss (fantastic four) marvel been treating them like shit ever since they lost the rights to them.

  5. Dear Marvel Please allow more moves and costumes and their bonus perk tree to be a feature in 3 like it was in the original 3 titles Make this game Fun again don't limit it like the atrocious MUA2 ugh Please don't ever do that one again ….

  6. Switch exclusive? You've got to be kidding me. The graphics look like they're being held back tremendously from the last game. Disappointing indeed

  7. Okay, cool the new Ms. Marvel is in! Now I need to see Ghost Rider, punisher (I settle for both if one of the costumes for either is cosmic ghost rider), Deadpool, Gwenpool, Moon Knight (COME ON, BRING BACK THE CRAZY GUY WE LOVE), and Beta Ray Bill…HEY you got like three spider-people, give me another Thor!

  8. I need for this to be a PS4 game. I been waiting years for this to be made and finding out it actually is happening but not gonna be in the console I have makes me extremely disappointed.

  9. I don’t really like the cartoonish vibe to it

    EDIT: it seems like people think I am insulting the graphics. I am not, I really liked the realistic look the past games had. I wish they stuck with it, but they didn’t. It won’t stop me from buying the game. I really love the series and I am glad it’s back!

  10. I understand why miles is in, cause he's been like a sidekick to Spiderman in recent years but there was absolutely no reason to add spider-gwen

  11. Still super weird that this is not only a Nintendo exclusive but also something being developed by Team Ninja, isn't that like the same creative team behind Metroid Other M?!

  12. Why are people calling folks Sony fanboys just for wanting to play the game on their PlayStation?? I've been playing Xbox since they started. Does that make me an Xbox fanboy for wanting to play the 3rd installment of one of my favorite games on my console knowing that I'm one of the people who was requesting it for years?

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