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How Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gameplay Compares To Wildlands

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Matt Bertz talks about playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Ben Hanson, Jeff Cork, and Leo Vader ask how the new Ubisoft game compares to gameplay from Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands….

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  1. They need to take out the tiered loot completely, this isn't The Division or Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Also, bring back the AI teammates and offline. This game is only going to appeal to a half baked audience of Division fans.

  2. I’m gonna be honest. This game sounds like trash. The only thing that kept me playing Wildlands was the main bad guy’s monologues, the inner workings of cartel politics, and feeling like a tactical badass. It made the otherwise hollow Wildlands feel like something more. Breakpoint looks like trash, an online only game means crashes are gonna be an annoyance, no AI teammates means you gotta work with 12 year olds, and just because they say you CAN play solo doesn’t mean you SHOULD play solo. This just looks like another “games as a service” cash grab

  3. A.I or not thy should leave that up to the players (best thing would to do was to make it a optional) AND GET RAID OF THOES DUM ASS OVER SIZE BACK BACK PACKES) it’s not like thy serve a purpose

  4. DIV 2 sequel was a complete failure so I am not confident this will meet expectation. Optically the game looks great, but game play and mission creativity needs more discussion. Cross your fingers they don't screw the pooch on this one.

  5. PvP needs a Team Deathmatch mode where we can respawn without waiting an entire round. And maybe up the players to atleast 6v6 considering the map sizes..

  6. Disappointed already… great idea, but once again, fighting some stupid ass boss, and a bunch of hight tech crap. I dunno… watching the game play makes it feel unbelievable with the stupid ass narrative. So sad these companies keep ruining their potential… instead of becoming revolutionary, they always fall back into what's already been done. Loved wildlands, had hopes for this, already bummed…

  7. It’s crazy but I bet breakpoint going to be trash kits like how the division 2 was trash wildlands is still the best game and the division 1 still the best

  8. Wildlands was bland and boring, really hope Breakpoint is going to be a better – actually interesting – game.

  9. The AI player detection really pissed me off in Wildlands. I could be crouched in woodland camo in some knee-high bushes, at night, and the AI would spot me from 20 meters away. Didn't make any sense.

  10. IMO, the basic mechanics are the same. So much so that I easily spent 4.5 hrs playing on my first session of solo campaign. I was worried they had changed the feel of the characters too much and, as a result, change how they respond to inputs, etc… Thankfully, it's much the same with a few modifications and additional actions available. I like it so far, despite the looter part of it all.

  11. Is anyone going to talk about the endless connectivity issues that wildlands has and had not been fixed yet and the famous 00100 error?

  12. 5:35

    "They are stripping away your A.I companions. You can still play four player cooperatively, so that's still there, and that's the best way to play these games, there's no question…"

    Man I don't know. I have hundreds of hours in Wildlands and I've never had three live players play better than your A.I companions. Every time I've had to sync shot, defend against incoming enemies or send them in weapons free, they've always exceeded expectations. When I'm playing with three live players, there's always at least one who isn't even in the same area as you, or the ones that are with you are running about doing their own thing. When I find three other players who play the game as tactical and efficient as I do, it's great, but finding similarly skilled players was very infrequent for me.

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