How Dead Cells Secretly Stops You From Dying | Audio Logs

In Dead Cells, you die. A lot. But you’d actually die a lot more if it weren’t for some hidden design tricks that developers Motion Twin snuck into the game.

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  1. Yeah many masterpieces actually do many of those things despite not having revealed it. Especially the platforming helper. Any time a game does not have EXTREMELY precise graphics (like in Meat Boy where you're at all times an almost perfect square) it's hard to tell where platforms stop, where your hitbox stops, so you have to give some leeway to the player. Their solution is one of many, but you need something like this ! I've actually seen some beat-em up game using something similar where receiving damage is delayed a couple of frames to allow "just-in-time" dodging pretty much !

    Great to have that kind of insight in the open though as most informations I've had on that in the past were either deduced or found in quite obscure medias 😉

  2. Err, the just-in-time jump is only making up for the fact that the character begins falling earlier than the visual model would suggest it should. If they wanted to make that action more intuitive for the player they should have the floor detection span a range closer to the width of the character instead of having it be a single point at their center of gravity. Not convinced it's good game design tbh.

  3. I love Dead Cells, it's just awesome. I never get the feeling "I pressed that button! Why doesn't he xyz". Everytime i die, i have the feeling it is really my fault.

  4. The time and effort that went into this game is incredible. Everytime I die in a run, I feel like it's my own fault, rather than the game.

  5. I fucking LOVE this game, bought it only a few days ago and have just crushed right into it. I'm really hoping for more such as DLC or another game at least. This is probably the best game I've played in the genre

  6. "We turn you around for free because we knew that was what you wanted to do"

    Meanwhile, in Hollowknight….

  7. At the first hours of gameplay
    I couldn't imagine beating this game
    But after week or so it was easy enough to pass the first dungeons and after thatvsome bosses wete no longer a challenge
    Every time you die you learn something new and that is amazing
    (I Ragequited a lot of times tbh 😀 )

  8. Upon playing Dead Cells I was pleased to find those old teenage ninja reflexes were still on tap. Had I known the developers were doing the equivalent of helping an old grandpa across the road I might not have bragged quite so loudly to anybody who would listen. I feel both seduced and grateful. As delusional phases go, this one's a keeper.

  9. "Because we detect that's a stupid move to attack the enemy here, since the enemy is in the other direction. We turn your character around for *free*"

    Me: thank you for not being EA. It would have costed 20$ to make that a power.

  10. absolutely loving this game, and this dev explanation really amazed me about the smoothness that i felt, which i find in very very few games so far…

  11. If you don't have your own company, you should. Very innovative. I'd love to see a semi-multiplayer Metroidvania type with very very unique characters and abilities, from things like: werewolf, to tarot card master (collects seventy two cards and combine for abilities et cetera). Endless with open ended character growth, co-op, PvP and player shops. One enormous map and several smaller ones where some rooms are single player/co-op, and others are totally multiplayer, for example, a chat room where platters can challenge each other to duel, trade and gamble and so on. This idea came to me in a dream. I might go so far as to have thousands of character types and each player on each server has a totally unique character from everyone else on that server. Yeah programming nightmare right? But it would be so fun and you are truly innovative and imaginative! Thanks for such a fun and challenging game!

  12. It's level design is really awesome …always been a CV fan and this feels very CV esc…while also having a unique feel to it…the music n the backtracking being impossible wasn't
    What i expected but it's still fun n worth playing for sure!

  13. I was thinking that a lot of the movement in Dead Cells felt somehow smoother than most platformers. It's interesting to see some of the reasons why.

  14. Wow I do t think I've really noticed any of this this is why deadcells is a great game it's not a platformer so they implement things to negate as he said unfair great job on this game and this was a great informative video what great developers and its not some stupid large game like destiny which I used to love but the devs don't seem to listen to the core players only the try hard pvp players which is why I have really gravitated towards these smaller teams game they are better and don't nickel and dime us to death like I bought physical and digital of the this game just to give the company more money and hand full of other games but thanks for great video

  15. I kinda hope that evil empire can work on a tower defense biome for an upcoming update, and maybe add the two unused biomes, including the wharf, I hope they can restore some unused content!

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