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GI Show – Death Stranding, Modern Warfare, Justin Roiland Interview

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Kyle Hilliard, Joe Juba, and Suriel Vazquez break down Hideo Kojima’s new trailer for Death Stranding on the PlayStation 4. Then Andy McNamara and Dan Tack join the show to talk about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and…

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  1. Overall poor job on discussing the DS trailer. Non-game journalist content creators did way better job at dissecting this trailer and looking up interesting details. GI folk just keep yapping with little value added. Pretty lackluster journalism if you ask me.

  2. Kyle, I think you are great (specially in Replay), but that interview was extreamly easy on you, I mean, you didn't even had to try, Roiland was practically answering questions before you ask them.

    Great stuff nonetheless.

  3. 1:57:15 – The Valyria Chronicles series has 3 awesome art book, 2 finger thick each filled with info, concept art, final art. But they might be a bit on the expensive side. Also, Duke Nukem Forever and Final Fantasy XV have some pretty thick books as well. I used to hunt stand alone artbooks and game editions that came with art books. I had Deus Ex Human Revolution, FFXIII and XIII-2, the special editions of The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower just to name a few.

  4. 2:15:08 – I can sympathise with this guy. In the early days Replay didn’t have a camera on you guys and I tried to learn which voice corresponds with whom. Now I know who is who but going back to earlier Replays, your voices changed over time and the differend audio setup made some of your voices too similar, sometimes I mix some of them.

  5. I drop my sub to game informer every year. they change the icon to promote a preferred way to have sex, and I want video game info.

  6. Andy McNamara said the Russians were going around killing some innocent people. And then he mentioned Tier One Operators. Tier One aren't Russians. They're Unites States units. Why would McNamara say that they're Russians? That makes no sense. Was he trying to hide a fact?

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