Ghost Recon Breakpoint – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

We played 20 minutes of the newly revealed Ghost Recon Breakpoint, an open-world sequel with a lot of promise and a few red flags.

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  1. People should just play the game instead of arguing and criticizing every inch of it and not appreciating the time the developers put into it

  2. Im not all the way trough the video, but did that guy just try to use Dark Souls as an comparison, even if he said its not similiar to it regarding the campfires (?), for a Ghost Recon game ? Are you for real, its 2019 and we still hear the echoes of "just like dark souls"

  3. This game looks like a low effort and it should be canceled or delayed for a while. No one is looking forward to it.

    We want stealth and a good AI Ubisoft!!! And stop all the stupid mission fails none sense, it’s old mechanics. I’m sure you can figure out a way to allow us to continue playing and maybe tackle mission at a different location or different time.

  4. This game is going to be sick. I don't care what these two say. The reason wildlands was so good was because you could just get lost in taking down enemy camps for hours. And it looks like we're going to be able to do it again with this but with more features and better gear and vehicles

  5. I kinda feel like this series is overrated. It looks like the gameplay is gonna be exactly the same as wildlands. You suppose to be ghost but its gonna be non stop action. SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals for the ps2 is more of a Ghost Recon Game. lol

  6. Wildlands is awesome. This one will be more so. I’ve never played any shooter type game for the story. Not once. Just like shooting people.

  7. Hmm. A video game trying to bring some amount of authenticity to war and the crap going on behind the scenes.

    You don't like it because it isn't realistic enough in some aspects, and too close to reality in others?

    Make up your minds.

  8. Why does the guy on the left seem like a major hater straight off the bat…smh. If you didn’t like the game wtf are you previewing the damn game in the first place (quit trying to be like ign)!

  9. Who really cares about the narrative in a military shooter? there's a bad guy somewhere ..Russia or Africa (cause that's what gamers like smh) he's killed alot of people. Drop in take him out. Doesn't get no deeper than that

  10. I'm still laughing at the fact that double agents exist and they don't say anything about it, but as some random turn around. I'm hoping that there will at leasy be a ghost mode again, but enhanced and to where a full team can't use LMGs for some bs effect.

  11. It sounds like the gameplay and exploration will be more organic than Wildlands. That’s great. I hope the campaign will have a more focused narrative.

  12. Here we go with the narrative bs what do you guys want in a story? Everytime a special ops operator goes on a deployment there is no special intriguing story. There's a bad guy here doing bad shit go stop it. Y'all want a epic suspence thriller like a movie smh

  13. I'll do a faster review for you guys : A feature-stripped Wildlands with Division mechanics. Get it on sale if you really must.

    There, I saved you 14 minutes and like 30USD.

  14. Being honest if you don’t like this game then you don’t have to comment “its so bad” its just a game and people enjoy and some people hate it

  15. + The good is the game have new models.

    + The bad is the whole game and how stupidly messing up logic of this game. Unnecessary animations, terrible AI, bullshit movement climbing and going down mountain even the stairs, the character sounds when climbing, AI shouting when die in head shot, grenades and explosives have zone not even realistic but Devs say the game is realistic, HP bar boss behind their ass, Heavy Unit use Moto Helmet, every vehicles are make from paper, Elites- Soldiers aren't know how to CBQ, the super down grade technology lazzy ass design, weapons design is terrible and lazzy, driving is terrible, keep automatic picking up ammo even full, the face models are from potato, body model are copy and paste, terrible dialogs, everything remove when in cut-sense and only unknown pistol left, not even need to drink or eat, The Big Ass HQ Of Rebel show out clearly but enemies are not know, Thermal vision is not thermal vision, terrible AI logic and lazzy ass design dialogs, must pick up enemies to ask sth and enemies are always give information but super lazzy dialogs design, everyone know everything, stupid Raid design and non-sense Titans, model in game Ghost like Clowns but not even look like in Images, etc

    => In conclusion, the trailers and the shows how cool of Broken Point are ridiculous, full of liars. Seriously, this game terrible than Skyrim and Arma 2.

    + The Ugly is the whole game and story. "The Island Have The Most Advance Technology In The World Got Nothing Else Than Those Ebay Drones"

  16. Everyone was bitching about these guys complaining but guess what…they were right the entire time.

    Game turned out to be shit and it flopped hard.

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