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Fixing The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Trailer

Leo remixes the new Sonic The Hedgehog trailer to see if we can’t do something about that awful hedgehog.

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  1. If you tell me this trailer is somehow better then screw all film Companies,I feel sorry for them for being abused by so called "fans"if you dislike it then make a movie by yourself and stop complaining on every film directors decide to make

  2. The Sonic triller is find they teird There best to make Sonic movie yo be thankful people… Yo youtuber to youtuber you Need to fix Your life like if agree

  3. Even fixing Sonic won't fix the movie it's self. Jim Carey's style doesn't suit Robotnicks personality. He should be made his own character trying compete against Him trying to establish him self as the Superior Scientist. Get rid of of the whole buddy Cop idea and the military, instead have the cop changed to the CEO of the company backing Carey's character. Maybe bring up issues if the money is being spent wisely. Maybe a similar idea of Peck from Ghostbusters 80s

  4. IF THEY HAD JUST KEPT gANGSTER pARADISE OUT OF THIS TRAILER….. How does a slow song like that land as the best choice for a sonic movie???!!!

  5. When James Marsden goes in the trailer and screams—was expecting the footage when Ace is at the projector or scratching the plate with the utensils

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