Final Fantasy VII: Remake – Official State Of Play Trailer

Key staff from the original release have come together to bring you FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE. With its epic story, captivating characters, and cutting edge technology that defined an era, the beloved classic that won the hearts of many is finally ready to be reborn.

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  1. So. Who wants to take bets on the new voice talent?

    Jessie – Kimberly Brooks (for sure)
    Biggs – Gideon Emery (?) – Andrea Bowen (maybe, sounds higher)
    Cloud – Nick Apostolides

    Sephiroth sounds familiar, but I have zero idea who DA LOOOŒØÖŐD is.

  2. To be honest I'd want us all to sign a petition saying when the game FINALLY does come out that we do not buy it for at least 1 year after release! Why not? Sqaure has no problem making us wait 5+ years for this game!

  3. Oh, no! Aeris's attack looks to be even lower than before. Look how much faster Cloud's combos are. Well, at least she has a form that allows a combo.

  4. Aerith's death will be a dlc microtransaction, so will materia? Tiny bronco for 75Ggill(buy 50 Ggill in game store for 29.99usd?)

  5. Despite all of the "delayed forever" jokes, by all reports we'll be getting this sooner than we think.
    The game has been in development alongside KH3, and in an interview not that long ago Nomura even suggested that, at the time, FF7R was farther along than KH3 in certain aspects, such as cutscenes.
    Honestly I predict, at the earliest late this year or the latest early next.
    We'll be playing this sooner than you think I imagine.

  6. Final fantasy is dead now… The legend is over, already since ff15 and ff13.
    The game is beautiful but the gameplay is a fucking joke.

  7. Now I remember Sephiroth was a leftist that’s why he go’s crazy and starts killing a ton of people because he wanted to save the planet. Like the democrats will be doing in 6 years if they are elected. Let’s pray people have brains in America.

  8. I think they really scored by casting Steve Burton to voice (English) Cloud. I love how soothing and beautiful it is. It's exactly how I imagined him.

  9. Welp I’m gonna have to wait til 2158 until this thing comes out on other platforms ( never played ff7 but it looks pretty good)

  10. Barrett sounds PERFECT!!! He looked like Mr. T, and now he sounds like him. Cloud and Sephys voice finally fits, and Aerith voice was good but the acting from the voice kinda sucked.

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