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Exclusive Wolverine Gameplay – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

In this exclusive Game Informer video, Ben Hanson and Ben Reeves show off new gameplay featuring Wolverine in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order on the Nintendo Switch. Learn more details about his moves and our hands-on impressions at…

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  1. This isn't Ultimate Alliance 3

    This is just some Marvel Nintendo game

    It's cool, But It Is NOT! Ultimate Alliance 3 God damn it

  2. Playable Characters so far:
    1. Ant-Man
    2. Black Panther
    3. Black Widow
    4. Captain America
    5. Captain Marvel
    6. Crystal
    7. Daredevil
    8. Deadpool
    9. Dr. Strange
    10. Drax
    11. Elektra
    12. Falcon
    13. Gamora
    14. Hawkeye
    15. Hulk
    16. Iron Fist
    17. Iron Man
    18. Miles Morales
    19. Ms. Marvel
    20. Nightcrawler
    21. Rocket & Groot
    22. Scarlet Witch
    23. Spider-Gwen
    24. Spider-Man
    25. Star-Lord
    26. Storm
    27. Thor
    28. Venom
    29. Wasp
    30. Wolverine
    You’re welcome 🙂

  3. Hopefully this will be the return of GOOD Marvel games. Lego and Disney Infinity have been limping the brand through our wallets since 2011.

    I don't count Spider-Man PS4 since that wasn't an ensemble game.

  4. I used him a lot in X-MEN Legends 1&2 and ultimate Alliance 1&2. I used him the most by far. If I were to play this game I couldn't imagine changing that habbit.

  5. So this is Switch only?
    Shame, I always liked playing Ultimate Alliance, I played the first one when I was still in Junior High, second one in highschool, now I'm 24, those games are my favorite. ?

  6. The Special FX in this game are very weak. The slashes from Wolverine's claws don't have the slighest impact and look dull and quite distant from his strikes. I wish they'd done a better job at making the slashes more impactful and look severing.

  7. Wolverine is looking sick af! Man I’m hoping for Cyke and Archangel (pretty sure I’m setting my self up for disappointment with that one)

  8. Classic Wolverine costume is fine and all but I'd like more for one that looks more like the Stuart immonen design he had prior to the Marvel Now relaunch

  9. I came here to find out if wolverine can still get tossed around and was sadly disappointed lol. I have a bad habit of flinging my friend off a cliff to his death frequently. Or throwing so many large objects and cars that everyone gets knocked around like ragdolls, because that's what heroes do.

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