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Exclusive Spider-Gwen Gameplay – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

In this exclusive Game Informer video, Ben Hanson and Ben Reeves show off new gameplay of Spider-Gwen’s moves in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order on the Nintendo Switch. Learn more details about her moves and our hands-on impressions…

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  1. 2 things about that giant weball. The animation kinda sucks, and I really feel like there should be a greater explosion when it, ya'know, explodes. That was such a weak "poof." I love Spider-Gwen though, like a lot ?

  2. If you think saying the women in particular are fun to play is going to upset the videogame/Marvel fans of the internet, you really don't understand them at all.

  3. I just hope there are TONS of hero's in this one. The last 2 kinda s7ck and get old fast. And villains. I wanna play as Doom and Magneto.

  4. It's sad that he says "I know this will upset the internet" made my realize how toxic the gaming community can be…

  5. Why would it upset the internet that women are fun to play in this game? Drop that SJW mentality, the problem I have isn't with women it's the fact that there are 3 Spidermen in the game, I know they made a few things to make them a bit different but come on, why 3 spidermen when you could have a more diverse roster in terms of having more unique characters

  6. What a pathetic virtue signal attempt. Your little jab at the start of the video only says more about you. Keep believing the garbage Kotaku and Polygon spoonfeed you.

  7. In the original Ultimate Alliance, the original Spider-Man and Spider-Woman are truly different in terms of power set.
    – Peter Parker – a isotop-radiated spider that gave him proportionate attributes of a spider and a spider-sense
    – Jessica Drew – a serum derived from the genetic factor of a spider highly evolved in courtesy of the High Evolutionary, giving her even more "otherworldly powers"; like pheromone manipulation and venom blast
    These Spider-People in UA3 unfortunately have same spider bites, but their personality and styles make up for it.

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