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Exclusive, New Impressions Of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Matt Miller, Ben Reeves, and Ben Hanson share new gameplay impressions after playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order on the Nintendo Switch for the magazine’s new cover story….

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  1. No grapples.. Wtf. That's lame. It was great grabbing grunts when playing as Hulk. And the mcu has established Cap and Widow as cool grapplers.. So much for that.

  2. No carnage,juggernaut, ghost rider,silver surfer,cyclops,sabretooth, night crawler! Not being able To play as villains suck!!!! The roster is weak compared to the first 2 games!!!!!

  3. Yeah, I never, ever, ever, thought I’d be buying a switch… JUST PICKED ONE UP TODAY FROM GAMESTOP… and pre-ordered this game (smh/smiling).

  4. This game is coming out exclusively on a console with a crossover game with over 70 characters. There had better a lot of characters in this. The lack of X-Men characters is suspicious. And what about truly crazy crossovers like Nintendo, Disney & Star Wars characters being included.

  5. I’m sorry, but I don’t want a mindless button masher for a Marvel game! I need my Marvel game itch scratched! This is main reason I bought Switch! Give us a SUPER DIFFICULT MODE!!!

  6. Game Informer, I've been down this road with you guys before. Since Marvel ultimate alliance 1, and Andrew Reiner gave one of the most Biased review's ever back then😑. It's hard to trust your view points.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the first and second games were connected at all. So this being totally new isn’t a big deal

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