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Exclusive Ms. Marvel Gameplay – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson and Ben Reeves show all the gameplay footage they have for Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order on the Nintendo Switch. Learn more details about her moves and our hands-on impressions…

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  1. Finally, this game adds a playable character that ISN'T in a movie or Netflix show*! I've been waiting for the smaller, weirder pulls ever since this game got announced. Really hoping for Squirrel Girl.

    *Iron Fist got half-points. Has a Netflix show, but they're clearly not taking any notice of it.

  2. “This is one of Marvels newest characters but she’s very popular”

    …sure thing guys, gotta do your jobs I guess.

  3. I'm upset that they thought "Embiggen" was a Simpsons reference. That was her catchphrase in the comics way before Disney bought Fox.

  4. Her name is Ms. Marvel. Not Miss. Ms and Miss are not the same word. Ms. is pronounced with a Z sound. Mizz. Mizz Marvel. Miss is a term used for unmarried women. Ms. has an ambiguity attached to it that could mean either. It was used a lot when the original Ms. Marvel was created because it was seen as progressive.

  5. If "embiggen" was a Simpsons reference, Kamala never said anything about the Simpsons. It was just a motivational word she knew from when she was young.

  6. She’s gotten to be one of my favorite marvel characters in recent years. She’s got the fun wit of Ultimate Spider-Man with the depth of any headier character pieces, fun allies and interesting villains, just a good time.

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