E3 2019: What We Expect To See

With E3 2019 almost here, we chat about our predictions for the press conferences, as well as big games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Doom Eternal that will be at the show.

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  1. EA isn't doing a stage show because if they did, they'd be booed off stage

    If 76 goes F2P, it will only make things worse for them. Cause if they do, all the people who bought the game are basically getting screwed over

  2. So I hear Deck Nine will be making an appearance at Square-Enix's show. I don't know what new game they've been working on, but if it's Single Player Story Driven game, cool! If it's Episodic, cool. If it's another Life is Strange Spin-Off, awesome!

  3. Just a very important side note: E3 2019 is the last one at the LA Convention Center under the current contract. ESA (the people running E3) have said in the past that if LA doesn't start expanding their convention center (which they haven't and aren't looking to do it anytime soon, basically no groundbreaking ceremony, shovels on the ground, nothing), that they will look elsewhere to have E3 in 2020 and in the future.

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