Days Gone Review

Days Gone has its exciting moments, but it fails to say anything interesting or meaningful about its story and characters.

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  1. This is by far the worst review for a great game I have ever seen.

    Dear lord. The character development is actually really good for the main dude.

    I'm confused entirely by this. Get off the screen clown

  2. After playing this game on PC I got to say, "critics" really did this game dirty. This game is unique in so many ways and some criticism is justified but overall this is a damn good game. These "critics" must have had a vendetta against this game or something. Giving this game a 5 is a joke, plain and simple. Borderline stupid.

  3. Such a stupid review. I'm around 10-20 hours in and have been enjoying every bit of it! I didn't even bother with listening to these bullocks… I think the game deserves a solid 8 or 8.5/10 imho.
    Anyway nice ratio of dislikes vs likes on this idiotic review.

  4. Its a first party game…
    Thats why it detailed so much..
    This game deserves fairly reaches beyond 5 to 7
    There's no fantastic moments..
    And too much repeatative stuffs like farcry newdawn…
    The whole game feels like a tlou expansion…it means lesser content thats why its 5

  5. Well…she played through the game, but she definitely didn’t play the game, or pay attention to any of the details. She came in with a bias, and only heard details that supported that bias. There’s not a lot of objectivity here. It’s like when someone is watching a movie with you, but spends the entire time only partially paying attention while on their phone. Then they criticize the entire thing based on the few things that they actually caught.

  6. Watching this in going into 2022. I don't get the hate. I think, after playing for about 50 hours, the girl is SPOT ON with everything she says. Cool game but mediocre because of its empty storytelling.

  7. The main problem with this game is "they Ubisofted" it. Full of filler gameplay rather than meat and potatoes. Instead of 80 hours had this game been 20 hours it would of been fantastic but making it like an average Ubi open world title is never a good thing.

  8. And didn't you guys get outright CAUGHT for tanking this game??? How could you viably leave this up after your organization literally tanked a review on this game intentionally?

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