Borderlands 3 – Official Zane High Level Co-Op Gameplay & Boss Fight Reveal Demo

Randy Pitchford walks you through high level Borderlands 3 co-op gameplay with Zane. Showing off auto leveling and skill tree.

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  1. Visually is beautiful but i have hope that recoil will be better in final game. U dont even see your gun shaking. Of course in that way is easier to aim at enemies but it has taken reality from shooting from guns.

  2. I'm a little worried about this villain. I like the premise but I think the way the designed the character's personality is wrong. From what i see, it looks like they're trying to capture what they did for Jack but they really should've done something different.

  3. This instantly Loot thing is the sollution of Problems to find Players in your level to play. This Guy who worked that out is a Genius….. No Words… This is the Best Thing of this Game.

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