Borderlands 3 Official Gameplay Reveal Livestream

Get your first look at Borderlands 3 gameplay from the official gameplay reveal from Gearbox starting at 10 AM PDT with a pre-show at 9:30 AM PDT.

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  1. Tyrenes Voice is damn amazing. Just her last sentence shows how much of a sadist she is, not the phrase per se but the way she said it and that her "other" personality is just one part of her whole character, because damn that sounded scary af.

  2. 1:54:00 if you are her for confirmation on the "No Microtansaction" bit where he clearly state in reference to the free to play junk. He very clearly says there is DLC campaigns and heads and skins LIKE EVERY OTHER BORDERLANDS TITLES.

  3. Looks Amazing!. They really went all out for this one , a real labor of love. Cant wait to play it.

  4. The Highlights are old, however truly nostalgic once you know the context. That Sham drop was sick, Murcy dropping a near unimaginable Skullmasher, moneyshot chains from hell, bad RNG spending 12 hours for a Hive, and to top it all, lucky legendary world drops.

    Borderlands is amazing, you’ll play it three times over just for the loot. Granted that these are the three modes that most people will play while the other OP 1-8 modes are for the hardcore fans.

    A great series to buy for yourself and a friend.

  5. the people that keep talking shit are the people who didn't play the other ones and don't get why we get excited for little things like sliding and vaulting.

  6. Amazing. Just wondering if they were playing on pc or Xbox? I saw a keyboard but I think they were using controllers as gamepads 👀

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