Borderlands 3 – Official Amara the Siren Early Game Gameplay Reveal Demo

Randy Pitchford presents the first early game gameplay of Amara the Siren at the Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal event.

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  1. I like how your character has actual conversations now like in the pre sequel, after i finished that one it felt weird not hearing any dialogue in BL2

  2. I pre ordered borderlands 3 supreme deluxe edition and the game play they release looks great but we've been burned so much recently by other companys that I am a bit worried..

  3. God fucking dammit why is this game so good and such an upgrade from the previous games in terms of mechanics like adding sliding and mantling this is the first time I actually can't wait for a game to come out

  4. Less Pitchford, more gameplay. Guy needs to stop bragging on shit literally everyone knows. Also hope we get to focus more on builds, gunplay and diversity rather than just maxing out everything and getting ludicrous damage numbers. I see some good stuff, but I also see some aim assist going on. Me no likey training wheels.

  5. People complaining about claptraps voice just have nothing better to do. It sounds close enough to the original. I couldn't even tell the difference until I went down to the comments and found all these whiners.

  6. It may not be the same voice actor anymore but at least this new one loves his job and I love the voice on claptrap making them sound older even though robots can age their programming can at least in my knowledge

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