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Watch A Full Mortal Kombat 11 Match Between Cetrion And Noob

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson and Suriel Vazquez show off exclusive, new gameplay showing Cetrion fighting Noob in a match recorded at NetherRealm Studios. See all of our exclusive features at

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  1. Tbh Cetrion looks DOPE frome a character design perspective & from the thumbnail I thought for a sec that maybe its a female from Kotal Khan's race but I guess not. And finally did netherrealm get a female character's face right? Her face looks good, proportions & features look normal.

  2. Why is Raiden and Fujin the only gods that give a crap about saving Earthrealm while all the other "gods" like Kronika, Shinnok and Cetrion just want to commit mass genocide with Shoa Kahn?

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