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Simulating Avengers: Endgame In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Hunter Wolfe, Jason Guisao, and Nathan Anstadt choose the best characters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch to represent Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Thanos and other Marvel characters in a full…

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  1. Anyone else feel like Dark Link shoulda been Hawkeye instead?

    I mean, that's literally perfect!
    Sword and Arrows as well & a bit closer to Ronin/Hawkeye than Pit in some aspects too.

  2. Captain America>Mario . Iron Man>Red Mega Man. Ant Man>Joker. Hawkeye>Pit. Hulk>Little Mac. Captain Marvel>Rosilina Raccoon>Diddy kong. War Machine >Black Mega Man Black Widow>Zero Suit Samus Thor> Pikachu Libre and more

  3. Spoiler Alert:

    Mario > Captain America
    Red Mega Man > Iron Man
    Zero Suit Samus > Black Widow
    Green DK > Hulk
    Pikachu > Thor
    Dark Pit > Hawkeye/Ronin
    Captian Falcon > Falcon
    Joker > Ant-Man Mementos = the Quantum Realm
    Bayonetta > Scarlet Witch
    Black Megaman > War Machine
    Blueish/Green Samus > Rescue
    Olimar > Star Lord
    Dr. Mario > Dr. Strange
    Diddy Kong > Rocket
    Snake > Nick Fury
    Rosalina > Captain Marvel

  4. This is actually wrong cause Spoilers Ironman and Black widow Died in Endgame also antman was the one who started the idea considering that he didn't disappear for him in the dimension he was in for antman it was only 5 hours and then they continued to create a time machine and then get all the infinity stones considering that Thanos destroyed the infinity stones 5 years before they made the time machine and when they got the stones they created a new infinity Gauntlet and then hulk used the infinity stones to revive everyone who died from the thanos snap and then nebula the past version of nebula was sent to the future and then the past nebula transported thanos' past ship into the future and then tony,Steve,and Thor then battled Thanos also Thor got really fat and while they went back in time Thor got back his hammer then fought thanos then Steve Rogers a.k.a America's Ass was proven to be worthy of Thor's hammer and then all the sorcerers gathered up all the heroes using portal rings and also everyone who fought against Thanos in infinity war also btw future Thanos died when he was being sentimental to nebula and then his head got cut off by stormbreaker also because Spiderman was flexible enough to get close to antman to get the stones back to where they belong but then the Gauntlet was snatched up and then Thanos almost won until Ironman took the stones and used them but before he did it get said a one liner"I am Ironman"and then died so thats Endgame all summed up

  5. I think that rocket raccoon should of been Fox because they are both animals that resemble each other very closely and both have proper guns instead of peanut gun

  6. For me
    Mario Iron Man
    Link captain America
    Pit thor
    Dark Pit loki
    Samus Black widow
    Cloud Hawkeye
    Snake bucky
    Captain Falcon Falcon
    Luigi War Machine
    Yoshi happy
    Peach pepper
    Fox star lord
    Falco drax
    Crystal gamora
    Bayonetta nebula
    slippy rocket
    pirahna plant rocket
    Megaman vision
    Zelda link betwen world version Scarlet witcht
    Shulk doctor strange
    Robin wong
    Marth black panther
    Sonic spiderman
    Rosalina captain marvel
    Tabbu thanos

  7. Here's my opinion on who would be who

    Mario – Iron Man
    Link – Captain America
    Black widow – Zero Suit Samus
    Pit – Hawkeye
    Ness – Thor
    Hulk – Donkey Kong
    Kirby – Spider-man
    Mewtwo – Dr Strange
    Luigi – War Machine
    Lucario – Black Panther
    Fox – Star-Lord
    Peach – Pepper Potts

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