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Sea Of Thieves' Big One-Year Anniversary Changes

Sea of Thieves is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a huge update that adds story content, an arena mode, fishing, and lots more all for free on April 30. For more on Sea of Thieves’ upcoming update, head here:…

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  1. to everyone saying "this should have been out on day 1" why did you get the game? the devs didnt need to add any of this content. Feel lucky

  2. I hit Legend right before the anniversary and got all the first year Pirate Legend stuff. However, not too long after that, I stopped playing. Because of barrel skeletons. I think I hit a boiling point with them. I even ended up uninstalling it. They just spawn too much and aren't as much of a "challenge" as they are just a straight nuisance. Repeatedly dying from them is a pain and I see LOTS of players have this issue. I've really lost interest until that is addressed. Spawning 3 or 4 at a time too, it's just annoying and doesn't add any sort of challenge.

  3. I really want them to make more interactive things on your ship e.g make it so you can actually sit in your captain's cabin chair or make the doors open and closeable

  4. im a part of the insider programe i played as a sloop for the most part and you no longer have a chance as a 1/2 man against a galleon they they caught you off guard

  5. Fishing, cooking, harpoon guns mounted on the bow, breakable masts capstans and helms, scaling damage (holes start small with slow leaks and gradually get bigger) …. Can't wait

  6. With this update, I feel compelled to actually buy the game now. I was always interested in the concept, But it's finally starting to feel like it's becoming whole.

  7. I don't have any friends that play this game or are even interested in it. Is it still worth picking up solo? Would the experience be worth it?

  8. Maybe a Man o' War at some point? It'd be cool to have a 6-8 player ship. I know the servers can't really handle it right now, but it's a cool idea to me.

  9. After I hit pirate legend before the year one deadline I was burnt out on the game so since then I've been taking a short hiatus from sea of thieves but once the 30th hits I'll definitely return! Also can we please fix the ladder climbing to where it doesn't repeat the climbing animation when you land at the very top of the ladder?

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