Remnant: From The Ashes – Should You Play It?

Remnant: From The Ashes is a survival action shooter with Soulsborne influences made to fit your busy life. Available on PC, PS4, …

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  1. Resting at fire doesn't make it Souls like, gtfo developers, milk some other franchise.Release the game and let people decide if it's Soulslike or not .

  2. Bla bla bla , why do you constantly try to compare it to dark souls or Blodborne? who cares! just make the fucking review of this game and shut it.

  3. i cant believe this small company game development has 5 stars reviews on xbox , and steam , very impressed and talented devs team , thanks you for bring this game and expand more the game to have a good time .

  4. 2:20 How come there's a weapon drop in your game ? I finish the game and the monsters never drop any weapons. The only drop materials.

  5. The perfect comparison for this game is Bloodborne with guns in Chalice Dungeon (random generated 20–30 min chunks of levels)

  6. Why do people compare every game now a days to the soulsborne series. Dont care if i sound elitist now, but ive played those games since 2011 and it just keeps nagging me. Just cuz a game is challenging doesnt make it dark souls. Just cuz you have a sace point within a world doesnt make it a bonfire aka dark souls. Just cuz a game resets its enemies when you rest doesnt make it dark souls. Just cause you loot gear and xp off fallen enemies does not make it dark souls. Do you get it now, everyone. Its not a souls game, its revenant from the ashes. So stop comparing it to the other franchise like its a genre to be thrown around.

  7. Can someone plz help me😓 . I downloaded the game but I have problem in the control moving right and left I can't move left or right using the mouse only when I click on keyboard. I don't how to fix it can someone help me 😓😥

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