New Xbox One: The Pros And Cons Of Disc-Less

Is the future of gaming digital? We break down the good and the bad of the new Xbox.

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  1. If you have excellent Internet this is a great option…..but if you don't…you are screwed. You are tied up with having access to something outside your self….I'm always weary of where is my source/connect….maybe it's best to have this and that…you need both options now!!!

  2. To everyone in the comments: I have a question? So my kids are now 11 and 13. In the past they broke all the disc, lost all the games, they are super rough on things. Do yu think I should get this for them vs a disc console. How are the games priced? Does it have Hulu? Can yu connect guitar hero? I feel like they would be better on it but not sure. What do yu think I should get them. They haven’t had a new system in years and I wanna surprise them but I also don’t wanna throw money down the drain.

  3. I have it the console and its great a bit more faster than the xbox one s or x that have disc but heres the thing instead buying the disc you need to buy the gift card instead of disc but the bad is need wifi to get the games but if you buy the xbox game pass ultimate you have more games to play

  4. Are you guys just a shill for Microsoft? "This is just Microsoft…giving people options". How is breaking up what used to be a multifunctional system into individual modular bits providing more "options"? Microsoft is narrowing options, not expanding them. Which would you rather have: the freedom to choose the options offered by a Swiss Army Knife, or the restricted choice to select either just a screwdriver or just a pair of scissors.

  5. Cant wait to buy $60 digital games instead of buying the disk version which is half or more cheaper.

  6. I rather have a digital download then a hard drive disc The digital is not breakable distuctable, scratch able, damageable, and you will always own it as long as you have Access to your account. Physical disc needs to be replaced every once in a while. Eliminate the repurchasing of software and have more funds to buy more games.

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