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New Gameplay Today – The Sinking City

Reiner joins Cork and Leo to give his gameplay impressions from two hours with the upcoming Lovecraftian action/investigation game from Bigben Interactive.
The Sinking City is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 27.

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  1. I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading a bunch of Lovecraft’s works and now I’m VERY hungry for more content at least in the same vain. Also, any reference to Lovecraft’s works would make me nerd out so hard!

  2. Will be badly reviewed, couple the Epic deal with the unpolished look and feel and it's bound for a disaster, not even considering the fact that it looks pretty boring (the only interesting part for most {I bet} was the intro).

  3. Lovecraft is all about suggestivity. A literal interpretation of his work just doesn't cut it. The best interpreter of Lovecraft's ideas visually is probably Junji Ito and he doesn't even write stuff in the mythos.

  4. I know is petty, but I hate the saggy backpack model. Would be nicer if it was more like one of those WW2 tactical looking utility ones that sat higher up on his upper back and shoulders with a tighter look. It just looks cumbersome and uncomfortable as it is. Just a minor complaint overall, I hope this game is good and MUCH better than the dismal Call of Cthulhu disappointment that came out earlier this year.

  5. In most of Lovecraft stories you dont see the monster until the very end, and in some of them you don't get to see it at all. Here they show a monster in the intro… That said, game looks interesting and I like some of the ideas.

  6. I know this is Lovecraft stuff, but idk, seems like this game is in the same universe as Vampyr and Call of Cthulhu. maybe it’s just me

  7. I am a first time pc gamer and I can’t wait for this games. Octopus is in the game…!! Yeah I’m getting this now.

  8. Honestly I like the graphics. Its an art style. Not everything needs to be super realistic. This story looks awesome and I can't fkn wait!

  9. Id love if people would give this game a chance and wait to play it. Im getting tired of people whining that a game that has potential dusnt because it not as good as Red Dead.

  10. You talk too much. Damn annoyingly too much. We get what it's about. You don't have to shove it up in arse. Just nice gameplay demonstration is expected.

  11. So I'm debating on getting this, because Call of Cthulu: Dark corners of the Earth on original xbox was amazing and scary… will this please me as that game did, so long ago?

  12. Clicked on this, was curious, woke up a hour later, must have taken a nap. Grin.
    Nope……..too boring for me.
    Better luck next time.



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