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New Gameplay Today – Katana Zero

Joe and Reeves join Cork and Leo for a look at a stylish indie actioneer coming to Switch, PC and Mac on April 18th.

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  1. I clicked on this thinking it was a new kitana/sub-zero mix character for mk11

    Game looks dope tho

    Edit: didn’t even know her name was spelled differently from the sword until now. Wow.

  2. That outro had me laughing! It's for casual friends.
    Game Informer seriously is the best. I don't know how i only recently started following you guys.

  3. I actually have an idea similar to this concept in the context of the "your success is the way it truly went" mentality, but it has nothing to do with psychic projection or planning or what have you. So it is good to see a game that is doing something like it if I ever actually pursue that idea.

  4. I like the way it lets you be a complete dick to people in conversations, though I worry most people playing are doing it unintentionally and skipping important dialogue.

  5. game has no logic at all they have guards with gun where everyone is dancing, and just some punching guy waiting when there are no people and where should be more securely guarded

  6. I love the game and will definitely get it, but can the people showing off the game do some practice and learn the game before "showing" it off…

  7. I know the dude playing isn't the best at the game, but atleast he doesn't try to blame the game and actually admits that he isn't great at it. Unlike a lot of game journalists.

  8. Game is good, but I'd say this player……WoW, What a newb???? could you upload a video after you practice? Watching this makes me so uncomfortable.

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