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New Gameplay Today – Days Gone

Kato and Jeffm join Leo for a spoiler-free look at the open world of Days Gone, which releases this Friday, April 26 exclusively on PS4.

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  1. Generic game is generic made worse by the bad attempt of talking and playing by this guy. Not a glowing endoresement to buy this game at all.

  2. I thought I was the only one who thought that the guy playing is making the game look bad and boring with his sleepy talk.

  3. Damn Kato, I'm sorry for all the shit you're getting. Talking, showing off and playing aren't exactly the easiest things to do. So thank you for coming on the new NGT episode.

  4. I’m not that great at current gen games, but this is bad. This isn’t even blind play through , he’s done this a few times. I’m guessing talking while playing is messing him up.i don’t like an audience, it’s distracting. I like a pair of good headphones and immersion

  5. why the hell do all these game review companies have reviewers that SUCK at playing video games. it's frustrating just watching this.

  6. Game looks pretty boring, also it seems that unless you figure out the way the devs WANT you to kill the zombie horde in each area you're kinda screwed. Finally if you're gonna put both the weapons on the character's back like that might be a good idea to stop them clipping through each other, it's not like they have like a rocket launcher and heavy machine gun equipped either, i would have thought assault rifle and sniper is a super common combo.

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