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NetherRealm's Best Players Fight In Mortal Kombat 11

In this exclusive Game Informer video, NetherRealm Studios’ senior QA analyst Steve Brownback (playing Jade) and certification analyst Ken Morris (playing Kano) face off in a duel to settle their age-old rivalry. See all of our exclusive features…

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  1. These final days are taking wayyyy longer than the last few months have XD I wish they'd release it 1 day early so we could have it on another Mortal Monday

  2. Wish NR animations were smoother. Some are great, other odd movements just look off and out of place. Like some kicks look like kicks that would produce no power and have weird positioning. Seems like they always have this problem.

  3. The banter between these 2 was awesome to listen to. It's how i imagine fighting game devs picture their perfect scenario when playing their games. Thanks for the interesting video GI 👍

  4. This is your best players in the whole studio?! I'm shocked ya'll even know how to cobble together a fighting game.
    I could beat them, and shao kahn told me I suck!

  5. Question. Can you use custom builds online at all? I know you can’t for events but for regular matches or is there really no point In making your own if you’re planning on playing online?

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