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Looking Back At Rainbow Six Siege’s Bizarre Reveal Trailer

Leo revisits the E3 2014 reveal trailer for Rainbow Six Siege, picking apart the vision for the game 1.5 years before it launched. Follow him at his new channel,

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  1. I'll take this Siege over the Super hero sports team that has in it a woman that lives on the moon and astral projects with glowing eyes, any day.

  2. I do not know who came up with the word booby trap. I imagine a genius yet inept inventor inventing things. The paranoid inventor that he is had made a device to repel intruders but doesn't have a name for it. One day his S/O who is quite busty(in my mind) gets down to the basement to call him for breakfast, and trips one of these contraptions and snap Boobies trapped. Henceforth any contraption designed to entrap a personnel will now forever be known as BOBBY TRAP.

  3. This trailer was why I bought Siege back in the early days and got into the game back in its early Alpha stages, even before Closed Beta. Gave up on the game in year 4 after it became little more than a meme of game with its Fortnite tier heroes and abilities.

  4. Rainbow Six Siege’s trailer makes it feel like it went from something like CounterStrike with Terrorists and Counter Terrorists to a more “This is just all training for when they do face Terrorists” when it come to normal games

  5. I think they did it like that because rainbow six was supposed to be realistic lol, this is the type of gameplay you would expect from Ready or not but they faked it on rainbow so it ended up looking really silly

  6. Man, this game when it came out, it became a part of my life. I made friends who I met in person, had heaps of fun, did well in ranked matches, it was an absolutely amazing experience. I stopped just due to life getting in the way. Speaking to some people about the game today and it’s a shame to hear it went to shit. It was such a good game. I miss those days.

  7. I would love to play what Siege was originally supposed to be, like Ready Or Not PvP. I am not remotely interested in the dumbass superhero shooter that it is now.

  8. This version looks awesome, but it's not feasible as a competitive multiplayer shooter. It's why the current version is a lot "blander" looking, it's why there's no cutscenes or anything. It's made to be a fair and balanced experience for both sides (at least, they attempt to, and they keep reworking operators and maps so it's clear they're still committed to that)

    Like it or not, that's up to you. Personally I think Rainbow SIx Siege is amazing currently, it's very diverse and it's interesting that every character does something different and has weapons that control differently.

    That being said it would've been nice to have this version of Siege as a PvE mode or something.

  9. I still want an operator skin in the CBRN gear from one of the very first. Instead we got all these dull operators wearing centuries old gear and highly fictional bunny operators.

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