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How NetherRealm Creates Mortal Kombat Story Modes That Matter

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, NetherRealm Studios’ story and voiceover director Dominic Cianciolo explains how Ed Boon and the team create ambitious story modes for games like Mortal Kombat 11. See all of our exclusive features at…

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  1. Honestly, the story is a bit biased, especially in MKX, where the evil boss (forgot his name lol) gets defeated not by Raiden, not by Sub Zero, not by Scorpion or any strong fighters, but by Cassie Cage, a regular human. It doesnt make sense to me honestly.

  2. So what i thought about recently…MK9 raiden had the knowledge of things that would happen. But why then did Shinnok have the ability to come back twice?

  3. The real story is how game informer attacks small you tubers and hits them with copyright strikes but let's the big ones get away with using the same footage

  4. Lets be honest tho 75% of the community won't bother with the story and will just instead jump straight into online

  5. i just love when game devs up the game to a whole new lvl! IM SOO HYPED! i hope MK 11 does insane well for them! cause i want them to build on this!

  6. I wonder if Geras' blood was supposed to be blue but was changed to red by demand. To me, the bright blue blood made him a little more unique. When I look at him, I just imagine that Kronika wanted a perfect servant (hence the lines that look like squares on his body). Using the sands of time and some strange blue essence, Geras was created.

  7. I’m glad they did a time story and making the characters see their past selves because I bet a lot of people wanted to see their favorite characters actually meeting themselves instead of having small interactions with themselves.

  8. It feels like NRS went all in with this storyline and game features (eg customizing, fatal blow). Looking back, MK 9-11 felt like trimming the fat, establishing a new audience, and bringing back the old with what feels like a trilogy. The question is where do they go from here post-11?

  9. Hell yeah. Multiplayer is fun and everything, but single player stories are what brought us into the gaming world. I'm so down to have more games with blockbuster film-style story modes.

  10. Nether Realm needs to do better with their stories. MK11.had a great story trailer, but that potential was wasted on a mediocre story.

    If you want to fight, say your piece. If you want to discuss it, leave a query.

  11. Seems like MK12 will go back to the first story. MK11 ending was Liu Kang became a Fire God and and together with Kitana, they need to monitor Kronika’s Giant Hour Glass to balance the flow of the new era. Mk12 is about the beginning of the new era where the Mortal Kombat Tournament will start again.

  12. I think it would be better for the perfect ending if kung Lao had joined Liu kang instead of kitana. The whole relationship between Liu kang and kung Lao is that they both have the same goal, but they have very different personalities. This could lead to some conflict (nothing serious though) in mk12. With Liu kang and kitana, in the unlikely event that this is canon, they will agree on most, if not everything

  13. If they use Time Travel in the next MK, I'm done with NetherRealm for good. They've totally bastardize and undermine so much of the source material from the original timeline and made it overly convoluted and retcon one to too many times that they have no real plans or actual ideas

  14. Story Modes that matter? Are you serious? All this guy does is retcon EVERYTHING and show us whatever happened in the last game won't matter in the sequel.

    I.E. umm…SINDEL? This guy does NOT deserve his job. He does NOT respect the franchise. Fire this guy please.

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