How God Of War’s Most Impactful Moment Almost Didn’t Happen | Audio Logs

The Blades of Chaos almost didn’t make it into God of War, but the game’s development team wouldn’t let them go. Cory Barlog breaks down how he and the team at Sony Santa Monica wrote the powerful scene where Kratos uncovers them.

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  1. I watched a let's play prior to purchasing the game be I was on a budget. When I saw the blade of chaos reveal, I said eff my budget, I need this game!

  2. i wish i could meet this guy some day so i could tell him that ive been playing games a really long time and this is one of the best games that anyone has ever made

  3. I absolutely loved this scene. Before it seemed as if he didn’t really care for Atreus, but this scene shows that he will go to hell and back for him

  4. It was not a very great scene. As soon as you get to hell, for the heart… a place you have never been… you can see portions of the level that Atreus needs to use his bow. So it already tells you that there is no danger or worry with saving him

  5. A lot of people do not appreciate the amount of time that went into this game! It was well written, the combat system is amazing the gear is dope this the best game in the past 5-6 years

  6. I hope Cory gets a blank check for the next God of War game. The current one is so good and it’s crazy hear he had even MORE stuff he wanted to add but couldn’t due to budget.

  7. Hands down I think Corey is one of the best game directors I’ve ever seen, you can tell the love he has for this franchise and how proud he is of his game

  8. I went ham on my enemies when Kratos got the Blades of Chaos. I was killing hel walkers with a grin and a tear at the same time. I cant wait for GOW5.

  9. The game is great, but you phucked up Norse mythology for everyone. It's not that I don't like kratos or god of war series, but you should've chosen another story and not just change the good guys to be bad.

  10. Cory Balrog is probably the best director to work with. He seems so authentic, like he has such a big heart, the team did a perfect job getting this story together. Abaokutely terrific!

  11. This scene in the game every time I see it makes me tear up, it truly is one of the biggest turning points in any story ever because it shows how much Kratos wants to hide his past and forget the nightmare that lasted decades, but he realizes he never can and embraces it for his son. It's so powerful and what gets me is when Kratos says I know when Athena says he'll always be a monster and his voice breaks, you could almost compare it to denial and that he doesn't want to accept reality, it truly is one of the saddest things I've seen in gaming.

  12. I wont lie. when I went to put the blades back on and Athena popped up..I had to pause multiple times because it was so emotional for me. all the God of War games. the Blades are the most iconic and most was hard watching that scene putting the Blades of Chaos on. it was very heartfelt.

  13. Love the moment when Kratos rides the elevator up inside the cave with Freya's house and gets impatient by walking to the side because his son is in grave danger and he wants to help him NOW but the elevator isn't in a rush.^^

  14. The only addition to this already perfect scene i would v recommended
    Is the minute you use the blades you hear the old kratos theme…..

  15. I’ve always wondered about the cutscene animations that were cut. I didn’t know inserting a deer and a flash of lightning could be THAT expensive….

  16. I always forget just how expensive it is to make a triple a video game.
    Especially when you see something really cool in the background
    That was probably a pretty good chunk of change to make.
    It would be really interesting and cool to see all the extras that Corey wanted to have in the game if he had had an unlimited budget.

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