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GI Show – Mortal Kombat 11, Borderlands 3, Greatest Fighting Games Of All Time

We have an exciting episode for you all this week, fueled by our recent trip to NetherRealm Studios to learn all about Mortal Kombat 11. We also walk through why we all can’t stop thinking about the strange reveal of Borderlands 3 and talk about…

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  1. Didnt you guys ALREADY discuss that Photographs game like a year ago? I have this memory of gameinformer talking about it, and I remember thinking "wow that looks neat but really depressing!"… Am I the only one who remembers this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!!

  2. So i love dan tack as much as the next person but why was he the other person during the mortal kombat segment? Where was brian shea? Didnt he review X?

  3. That guy who sent that e-mail about "we shouldn't care about working condition for developers" and "people should stop writing about that stuff". Might be the worst e-mail I've ever seen someone read. Get out of here, man. Our community doesn't need pieces of garbage like you. Just quit and don't play games then.

  4. Dan you're a cool dude don't get me wrong, maybe next time tone down the personality plugging abit and give us an opinion on the game. Just came across as disinterested maybe even abit elitist, seemed like the rest of the crew didn't appreciate the attitude either. I get you're not into the genre as much and that's fine, you don't have to it just doesn't make for very interesting discussion or even critique.

  5. "I think Mortal Kombat 11 has what it needs to be around longer than previous games, for sure" Why? If NRS has done nothing but factory line game production for the last decade, what makes you think 11 will end up any differently? The amount of bizarre opinions expressed during this is baffling. Who needs RPG elements to enjoy a fighting game?

  6. 1:35:59 talking about what the name of what your hypothetical show of watching old gameplay, you guys had a series called what the heck is this? So just call it "lets take another look at that" sounds better than the other for sure

  7. I was thinking exactly what dan tack said about hanson reading that kind of harsh email about anthem. Didnt think something like that would make the cut

  8. Now the only thing I'm thinking about is the game you called a gamer ass game for gamers? I remember you saying that, but can not for the life of me remember which game. 🤔🤔🤔

  9. "Hope that borderlands 3 is as big as destiny" Borderlands 2 was bigger than destiny (How long to beat tells Borderlands 2 main story 31h. Destiny main story 11h)

  10. Does anyone remember the game that was content complete but the studio took an additional year to optimize and polish the game and if it came out yet?

  11. Ben, are you highly conservative? Just curious because occasionally it seems like you have a anti-liberal bias. Like Reeves, I am surprised you read that nasty email and your response to it. Not coming at you, it's just peculiar.

  12. One thing i wonder about is Epic is trying to get people to their store by these exclusive deals to force people to go to Epic if they want those exclusive games at release. But once Epic stops these exclusive deals, what is there to keep those people shopping at Epic? If the launcher isnt up to the standard set by Steam and GOG, why would people stick around and not go back to more feature complete launchers? Now thats just a problem exclusive to Epic, its not a consumer issue but still i wonder if Epic has prepared for that scenario. I also feel like Epic has the money and infrastructure that they could have waited to launch the Epic game store until they had a search feature, cloud save, a shopping cart, friends list and other standard features consumers have come to expect.

  13. Wow, I'm not saying it's a bad list because to each their own but I disagree with a lot on that list. Mark of the Wolves, Virtua Fighter 5 are two of the worst fighting games I've ever played and SF3 is the weakest SF game of all. VF5 is probably the worst I've played. SF2 not being #1 is a crime.

  14. Epic might seem anti-consumer, but they are pro-developer, reportedly. No one talks about why developers are willingly signing up to be exclusive with Epic. Could it be developers are getting a bigger cut of the money they deserve?

  15. I actually enjoyed you including the controversial take on game development. The person that wrote it obviously is lacking in empathy (and basic human decency) but I think it’s good to discuss tougher topics. Good on you Ben!

    And hell yeah we should care about the goddamn mental health of people working on WHAT YOU PLAY DAILY. What a whiny dumb ungrateful little shit

  16. Hey guys love the show!
    But could you guys make the Thumbnail's for the GI show a pic of the table? I miss them all the time because I can't tell it's out without looking at the video lengths. thanks and keep up the great work! 🙂

  17. 18:56

    This guy has no clue whatsoever, and is there just to complain and whine about his "cheesy early 90s movies". They did shake things up, you're just too ignorant and devoid of information to see. They completely changed the whole Meter Bar system, X-Rays move system, the Break Away mechanic (Combo Breaker), the cooldowns, dude, it's completely different from every other fighting game out there right now, what else do you want? Change the genre? Make it a FPS shooter? Cause that's what you're asking, and it's dumb. Seriously, why do you even have this guy in there? To just talk shit and be a grumpy old ass hard-to-please little shit?

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