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Gameplay Reveal: Watch 16 Minutes Of Darkborn

Watch this new gameplay with no commentary from the game previously known as Project Wight developed by The Outsiders.

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  1. The gimmic seems very cool and the setting looks good too. Hope the story will be interesting enough. Yeah the animations I guess prealpha state:)

  2. if anyone has metro exodus and you want to play sekiro, add me on psn youngsimba2211. we can gameshare and i’ll let you download it if you let me get metro exodus 👍🏾

  3. The animations need a TON of work… also Im not horribly fond of the redesigned creatures. Still, overall quality looks really good, the game looks fun too.

  4. This game looked like shit in 2017, looked like a typical early acces game. Today, this game still looks really uninterresting and frankly bad. HOWEVER the idea and the concept are incredibally cool! and it is AMAZING to see that from 2017 till now, something actually changed and they are still developing and evolving the game!.. so hats off! I so hope that this will get even more polished and one day became a real game instead of just a concept!..

  5. the combat looks awful it like a goddamn game that needs a Kinect it really that awful and that whip attack to throw away the one guys axe…..that fucking stuns them?!?!? and I highly doubt one fucking monster (The Main character?) can destroy a village full viking warriors all by itself just killing a …Arena champion? it just look horrible the combat, the enemy AI mechanics but I could be wrong in the future consider this game not done yet

  6. How big is the monster? The big hands in combat vs the hight from the ground and the vikings realy messes up the perception. And please add more (and more fluid) attack patterns 😀

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