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Gameplay Impressions Of No Man's Sky In VR

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson shares new gameplay and impressions of playing No Man’s Sky Beyond in VR on an HTC Vive at GDC 2019 and what he learned from interviewing Hello Games’ Sean Murray about No Man’s Sky Online and more. You can read the…

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  1. If i get let down again after i buy a PSVR because of NMS….
    I bought a PS4 and pre-ordered NMS for PS after Sean's pre-release interviews… I'm now planning on buying a PSVR, because of NMS, again. I really need a Q&A interview for NMS VR features with either Sean or some public representative from Hello Games with the most important questions for the VR experience and they better not lie in their answers:
    Will you be able to move freely with the PSVR instead of teleporting to a position and just look around?
    Will you be able to control the ship using the PSVR move sticks?
    Will you be able to use the gun/aim controller for PSVR with NMS?
    Is the inventory/menu interractable with the Move sticks for PSVR?
    Can you pick up plants using the MOVE sticks for PSVR?
    Will you be able to switch between NMS VR and normal NMS without losing progress or switching game modes?
    Is the whole VR experience a separate game mode initself or … how does it work?
    I need a full NMS VR breakdown of all the features before i invest 500$ in to a PSVR set with the controllers!!!!! Or help me God, i will find you Sean!

  2. I've never seen a game make such a redemption. All entirely free updates INCLUDING full vr support . I was so disappointed when no man's sky flopped because I really wanted to enjoy it but now I am shocked at how it has changed

  3. I've got back into no man's sky because of how much it's changed and in anticipation for vr. I just mess around in creative, building bases, hunting down s class ships and building an amazing fleet of frigates

  4. That terreain editor demo for VR gave me a huge sigh of relief. It feels so clunky right now and this update looks so damn smooth. I cant wait till the expansion drops this made me take the dive for VR.

  5. I want to buy a VR headset only for that lol
    but I haven't decided yet which one to buy. Do you recommend any?

  6. Pure curiosity entirely, not meant to be insulting. But is it commendable to finish your game after selling it as a finished product.. Or is it expected?

    I may finally buy it when vr comes out

  7. I did not buy this game at launch because of all the problems with it. I have been keeping an eye on it here and there and to be completely honest. I have not seen a game developer make such a comeback. There are so many AAA publishers who just abandon a game at the slightest inconvenience. Hello Games has pushed through and have created such an amazing game(from what I hear).

    The fact that they adding VR support makes me really excited. This is a game I can definitely stand by as a purchase. I cannot wait to experience this for this time and in VR.

  8. Yeah cool but it doesn't matter what they going to add, it's still a game that gets bored after 4-5 hours. How many times I can go and visit a planet and repeat the same types of tasks etc.? It's boring. Or I just grew up.

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